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hello and a question, vin jh4na2164wt000039

16 September 2008
Irvine, CA
hi everyone,

i'm sorry my first post is an intro and a question. i've been lurking for years now and finally ready to jump in and buy. i'm looking at a 98 nsx vin jh4na2164wt000039 on the bay and wondering if anyone has any info on it. i'm thinking about flying up to check it out but hesitant to buy something on the bay. thank you so much in advance.

Do you have a link?
low mileage. but asked a little bit high. low mileage doesn't mean absolutely good condition because the car may be tracked often. i have seen someone owns a 91 nsx and it has around 20k miles. but it was his track toy.
someone is selling a 03 silver for a little more than that price. depends if you really want yellow.

if i were you, i will save up another 10k for this

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Let that auction end, it won't sell at that price. Then contact the seller direct, tell them you think $39K is a fair price contingent upon an inspection and test drive. I suspect they will strongly consider those arrangements and you take the worry out of the transaction.
guys . . . thanks so much for the words of advice . . . appreciate it immensely . . . . color of the car is secondary for me . . . just looking for something well cared for . . . thanks again everyone :)
Looks like the front bumper has been repainted due to the grill being yellow. My brother can check out the car since he's not to far from there if you want someone to go look at it. He owns one and so do I :biggrin: