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Hey washington!!!!

23 July 2007
Poop to power is not the answer! (thanks Nanci) you retard! You F-ing retards!!! Let some REAL successful people tell you how to do your job!!!!
J.F.C. Please, Please tell these morons how to fix our country......

I will start with a few ideas of my own, But I am hoping that alot more educated members will fill in the balnks so-to-speak.

Oh and Hey Lud, thanks for giving us some slack on politics.

1. The most important of all. Normally the voting process happens when poloticians run for office and fill us with BS that they think they want us to hear......then we are forced to deal with their BS once they are in office, because we have no choice. In mean's IN and once that is done, there is not much we can do after it is done. So.......Voting will happen every 6 months, based on Whoever's performance. Via President, senator, or mayor....Whatever. Republican and Democrat will be a thing of the past. "in-divisible" pretty much sums that up.

2. Surgeons make somewhere near $250K a year. There is no reason why a Polotician should make more. Is there? Is there a specialized school for running for office (of any kind) that is equivelent to medical school? Some may say yes, Law School. I say no! Learning the law doesent mean you have followed them or abidded by them, or in that matter, created one BEFORE you were elected. So.........no Polotician can make more than the President. And THAT will be a Law.

3. Taxes (do not exist) There is NO law that says you are obligated to pay, yet fear of persecution scares people into oaying. I say that every american STOPS paying them untill...............

4. Things that need a budget are agreed upon by the people. What do I mean? Easy..Each and every American will be able to pick and choose where their "community and country" money goes. What does that mean? Easy we all know that there are things that need up-keep, such as roads and sewers, fire trucks etc...However we will have the oppertunity to put a check in the box so-to-speak for what WE think is important. Really, Is it necessary for murders in jail to have steak and lobster night once a week? Or to be able to see their children? What for? So they can grow up the same as their father?

5. Speeding and fines on the road. How many of us have thought that every second a police officer has wasted time harassing us for going 70 in a 65 that there was a murder being committed? Exactly! Because there is, but now that there is a cap on govt employees salary cap, and a check-list for taxes, there wont be a need to reach in your wallets for BS. Then Officers can direct their efforts on real crap.

6. The DMV is over. Its run by lazy people that essentaly pay their pay checks by charging you to take a test that you could pass and they may not. What a joke. When is the last time you saw a city worker really sweating? Me? Never, unless it was summer here in Phoenix.

7. The fees for road improvement will come from what will now be the RMO Road management office. 100 bucks when you get yoru licence, then every 5 years, until your done driving. Im pretty sure we can cover that. Recently a ball park went into my neighborhood, I didnt ask for it, but the streets were tore-up to accomidate an expanded sewer system that was not in place. So WTF shoulf we have to pay for what we didnt request, and more importantly, Why should daily drivers have to wait iin BS traffic jams on the way to work because of something irrelevent?

8. Choosing to be free or socialist will be your choice every year. If you choose to be free, then you are not obligated to give one cent to anything other than what you have chosen. If you choose to be socialist, then your choice expires in a year. That way, if you see a tough year ahead in terms of work or something, you can take the insurance route. Your support will come from those that have elected to do the same that work. If they do not.....well thats your faukt and it was your freedom of choice! So no welfare for you and your 14 kids. Americans that choose to be free dont have to spend a dime on anything except themselves.

9. The budget and federal deficit. We didnt waste the money, but the people that elected stupid people did. So to be safe, we will charge .03 on every item until it is gone. Doesent matter what it is...its just numbers. only 3% of the worlds money exists in physical form. You wont feel it. That Pay-back money to others and our own deficit will be controled by computers linked to banks. (educated people, elaborate)

10. Upon birth in the US, you will be issued a card, much like a social security card, however it will have to be updated with a picture and a thumbprint every year. Some will complain, but it will be a quick procedure, you will leave the city office with your new card instead of waiting for it to come in the mail and be intersecpted by someone crooked. This will ensure that only Americans are hired for jobs. The procedure will be so quick that in time it will be able to be done online, with small interaction, like regestering for a google mail account.

11. the first 3 bills of the constitution will be in effect. NO BS ammendments. Period.

12. No more commercials on TV

13. All school teachers will no longer be allowed to have Aid books, or "cheat books" As a matter of fact, they will have no aid whatsoever. They will be accredited by collage professers.

14. Collages will be as they were in the beginning "Free" All professors will teach for free also because they are retired or they want to..... Classes come to first come first served basis..............

15. All Disabled Veterans will get a lump sum of One Million dollars and then a retirement income. That way, when the Govt. & Treasurary fall's on it's face, the only excuse they will have is I miss-managed my money.

Anyways, I could go on but why dont you guys add a bit or debate on what I have proposed. Heck im just a High School Grad. Im sure I missed or messed-up something. Thats the idea of this thread, we are way better than these fools in Washington
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Is that a book by someone? I hope it was good because all of my ideas come from my head, free of influence from books or what not...
If something I have said has been thought of before its all concidence, my girl sat here and watched me write this. I want to hear your additions and thoughts, cause to be frank...anyone can write a book. Smart or not....I was hoping to make this thread a big one!