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HID lights...

18 October 2012
Hello all,

I recently installed HID on my NSX and everything came out great. However, the front parking light does not turn on:frown:. The signal works fine except the side marker and the signal light now alternate "blink" :confused:. Anyone have any idea of what might be wrong? Sorry if this has already been discussed, but I couldn't find a thread for this:smile:.

your wires are wrong. got the same style off e-bay 32 bucks Xenon brand

but had the same problem even though the wire is red and black
swap them and it worked for me.

I just got another pair as spare easy to hook up and cheap to replace.

i would not have paid 55.00 though could have got 2 sets for that price.

red = Positive
black= ground

in the normal world LOL so swap them to be this
red= ground
black = positive
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I will try that and let you know, but if my wires are wrong now wouldn't my HID not work? Anyhow, 32bucks wow! PM me next time if you find it at that price again :biggrin:.