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Houston, Tx - April 17, 2009 - Supra Night Meet & Cruise w/ IS-F and 350Z's

11 February 2008
Houston, Tx.
Hey guys,

Just thought I'd throw this up here for the NSX owner's! Just a friendly meet / get together with the Supra's, IS-F's and 350z's. THAT WOULD BE A SITE TO SEE!!

This is just a simple and relaxing meet to catch up and find out what everyone's been up too! Hopefully by this time everyone should have their Supra ready to roll out!



Weather looks like it will be in the upper 70's and hopefully it doesn't RAIN! Rain will cancel the meets from now on (from previous experience) LOL!

Here is what is planned:

Sam's Club @ I-10 & Highway 6 (meeting here with the IS-F guys as well)

rolling to...

Starbucks / Jamba Juice @ Westhiemer and Post Oak (more people will join us hopefully)

then to...

Woodlands Area (Possibly Bridge)

April 17, 2009

Meet @ 9:00 PM - 9:30 PM

Roll Out @ 10:00 PM

Come out to relax & hang out. I will start another event on Facebook to spread the word to others. Any input, questions or concerns are all appreciated! Let me know what you guys think!

Hope to see everyone out there!
The Supra guys in this group are great and down to earth.

We welcome all and hope to spread our interest in cars with y'all not through egos but through our experience.

Just wanted to let everyone know that.

I'll be working on my car today....so not sure.

Guys, if it's raining CATS and DOGS, HAILING and to the point where you obviously cannot drive, then please STAY HOME.

Just a note to everyone it's not that big a deal if we don't meet we can all just hang out with Robert at his event tomorrow.

We can postpone and all meet then!

I kinda don't mind the rain...

.....so I don't have to wash my car! :biggrin:
Dangit, I thought I had everyone fooled. Guess I can wash it in the rain! :biggrin:
Well, we ended up meeting but nobody brought their cars out obviously because it was raining.

We all ended up going to the theatre and watching CRANK: HIGH VOLTAGE (terrible movie).

Great little get together! See y'all next time! Hope to see some of you guys out there with us!

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i wouldnt say noone brought their cars....mine made 2 cameo appearences....one at the Sams Club and another at the Starbucks by the Galleria!!!!

oooo well..... Sunday it is!!!!