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How fast is my car??

27 August 2001
Rogers,Ar. 72758
I am wondering if anyone with similar mods as my car has timed their car. I have become somewhat numb to speed after being around bikes. The car has a Dinan chip, cold air intake, headers/exhaust. This is all that has been done to the car as far as I know. I have run against two cars...a 97 tt supra, which was not even close. We raced about six times, all second gear...I could even let him jump me from 45 and pull 3 lenths in third gear alone. I have a 96 M3...again....not even close. And yesterday, I raced a new m3 with a standard trans. Although closer than anything else, from 50 to 125 I pulled about 5 lenths on him. This car feels ZR-1 speed from second gear up. Is it possible the car is running a 12.9 @ 110? Stock M3 runs 13.2 @ 108....I have never timed it out of the hole because I am not a drag racer and hate to abuse it the way you have to to get a good launch. I have also shed about 100 lbs off the car....
First of all, you don't mention whether your car is a manual trans or an automatic (I assume the former), and you don't say whether it's a 3.0-liter or a 3.2-liter. (I assume your gearing is stock.)

According to Bob Butler's calculations, here are 0-60 and 0-100 mile times, first for a stock '91, then for a stock '91 with 20 extra hp (about what the chip and I/H/E typically add), then for a stock '91 with 200 less pounds:

stock 5.56 sec / 13.13 sec
+20 hp 5.15 sec / 12.08 sec
-200 lb 5.23 sec / 12.34 sec

Perhaps that will give you some idea of how much acceleration your mods, put together, might give you.