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How should I fix scratches?

2 March 2005
Redmond WA USA
I have two or three bad scratches. I can feel them with my finger nail and they look like white lines on my black car. Is there anything I can do short of a re spray to improve matters?


Chances are most body and fender shops will tell you that you need re-spray. But I have seen deep scratches fixed to almost perfect condition by very experienced guys.

good luck
If you can catch it on a fingernail chances are it's too deep to sand and buff out. It can be tried and maybe to some degree reduced but to completely remove a scratch deep enough to feel with your nail is dicey.
Worth a try but it may mean breaking through the clear and then it's time to re-paint. Go to the shop you have a good relationship with and ask them to try.
I got such a scratch, caused by a climbing cat, out of a black 05' Expedition today. Sometimes you win.
Good luck.
I say repaint the entire panel. Black should be panel painted, you can't just spot black in. Good luck