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How will these 18's fit?

6 September 2012
I'm looking into a set of wheels that are 18x8 up front and 18x9 in the rear. The offsets are +35 front and +42 rear. The tires are 225/35/18 up front and 285/30/18 in the rear. I have some questions for you NSX wheel fitment gurus:

Are these correct fitment for a stock bodied NSX?
Will these rub at all if I decide to lower the car?
Will installing these wheels & tires cause TCS problems?
What is the widest rear wheel/tire that can fit under a stock bodied NSX without requiring any modifications or a crazy alignment to prevent rubbing?

I notice most with aftermarket wheels on this forum are running 17/18 or 18/19 combos. How come 18/18 is not common? I am looking for a more aggressive modern look for my car without compromising ride quality.
I appreciate any help possible.

they should fit but the tires your using is wrong

215 35 18, 265 30 19 is imo what you should be using
A 18x8 +35 will fit with a 215/35/18 tire in the front, but it's close to the lowest offset you can get with minimal rubbing. A 18x8 +38 to +40 would be slightly better with less rubbing.

I would not recommend a 18x9 rear, though it is possible.
A 18x9.5 would be better because of the additional width, however a 19x9.5 or 19x10 would be best for the look.

I don't recommend going 18" fronts with 18" rears. 18"/19" looks much better IMHO.