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hurricane sandy strikes!

22 September 2012
Out here in PA the locals are slowly battening down the hatches for "storm-icane" Sandy.
I went outside to go park my car in the garage at work (since I didnt want a tree branch or a tree to fall on it) and I see a pool of rain water on my drivers seat!!!!!
there was a drip from the windsheild (right above/inline with the steering wheel) that had sprung sometime in the last 12 hours!!!
SANDY HAS STRUCK!! aaaaaghhhh

any fixes?

Wow. If you think Hurricaine Sandy has struck, I think some of the NSX owners who live on the coast of NJ,NY, and CT would love to trade places with you after the storm has passed.

Good luck.
exactly...our greatest issue will simply be power outages....that does create some healthcare delivery concearns...but we'll get through it.
All our hospital clinics have been shut down. Elective cases in the Operating Room have also been taken off the lists....only the emergent cases remain on the boards.

Hope the coastal folks fare well. I will survive my lil leak :)
Stay safe all of you in the PA, NJ, NY area. All of my friends in that area were too stubborn to get out.

Not that I felt like we were in any real credible danger in NC but we moved into a new place this weekend and it had this stupid contraption that hogged up much of the garage and I didn't want to leave either of the R or NSX outside (or have to choose which one would be hit by possible branches, trashcans, etc).

So before any particular room was setup or furniture was reassembled, we rushed to rip down that monstrosity and get the garage cleared out before the winds picked up. We were suppose to be on the outskirts of the path but it ultimately shot further north. Either way, I slept well at night knowing that either had to sacrificed to the outside (leave that for the TSX :) )



To all our East coast line primers Good luck and stay safe... And keep the NSX safe!!! I live in Toronto ON and we were told that more than the rainfall it's the wind that's of concern. NSX safely parked in garage and everything has been tied down the best I could.
what is that thing anyways? lol

not to derail the thread but it was this giant loft thing that the future father in law built. We just moved back to our old location, since our house is being rented out, her parents offered up their rental place. I wasn't happy when I saw that pile of crap hogging up a bay.

Did anybody see the arm of the crane that snapped in Manhattan and is dangling in the sky? Holy crap!

I feel bad for you guys. I live in Fl so we are used to being prepared if you can even prepare for a natural disaster. I live 1 mile from the water so im always concerned about flooding. Hopefully you wont get any damage
getting hairy now.....tree down on the next door neighbor of my moms house on staten Island....window blown in on my good friends new house in islip LI...water is 6 feet from his house.....water is on second floor of my aunts house on the north shore of LI:frown::eek:
power is out in most of my area...i came back to the office after i smashed into the counter in the dark.

Seen that coming when I left Newark airport yesterday. I was lucky to get out of Orlando on a early flight. Some of the guys on my paintball team are stuck down there in FL until thursday. All I got was some wind and rain but never lost power.
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