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I’m trying to get back. Is this a good deal ??? Insight Appreciated...

14 August 2006
Cerritos, CA
Hi Guys.. Been here since 2006 since I used to own a 1991 Yellow with a bunch of goodies. I sold it for a different toy. Now, I’m trying to get back and was wondering if you can chime in on the quote I got.... I will be trading in my 2016 BMW i8 (with 9900 miles) and will have the opportunity to pick it up tomorrow once I give the thumbs up....

MSRP: $183,200
Acura financing discount: $20,000
Dealer discount: $18,200

Purchase Price: $145K
APR: 3.8%
Term: 72 Mos

2019 130R White
Red Leather / Black Alcantara interior
CF Interior
CF Wing
CF Roof
CF Engine Cover
Alcantara Headliner
Technology Package
Ceramic Brakes

Is this a good enough deal ?
It’s been awhile. Glad to be back soon !!!
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I think in today's market that's pretty good. For comparison, in 2017, I got $30K rebate plus $13K dealer discount on a similarly equipped car, less the spoiler. The carbon fiber roof was expensive, but at the end of the day it really looks great on the car and I think it is worth it. Hopefully some of the dealer types will chime in.......
+1 on a good deal for a 2019.

My 2017 was $180.8k MSRP at $45.8k off — $30k incentive plus $15.8k discount.

I wonder what it’ll cost to get my 17 upgraded to 19 specs? Anyone know?
+1 on a good deal for a 2019.My 2017 was $180.8k MSRP at $45.8k off — $30k incentive plus $15.8k discount. I wonder what it’ll cost to get my 17 upgraded to 19 specs? Anyone know?
I have inquired about updating as well. From what I understand the big difference would be the updated/upgraded tires. The 2019 also has larger sway bars. I have those on my car and they came from Eibach. They are no listed on their web site but I imagine you can call them and ask about the price. The programing that was done shows up more on the track then anywhere else as I understand. Upgrading the tires and sway bars should make the car much more responsive. There were some bushings in the rear that changed but I have not seen those offered. I love my car and really enjoy driving it.
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I think this is a very good deal. The cars with the carbon fiber options and carbon ceramic brakes tend to be discounted a bit more, and cars that are on dealer lots are priced better than the made-to-order ones. When I bought my 2019, I was told that I had to finance a minimum of $5K through AFS in order to get the $20K incentive. The actual rate that I received was lower than what was listed on my purchase contract. About two weeks after I purchased the car and drove it home, I received a letter in the mail from AFS that outlined the lower rate. What a pleasant surprise that was.

Anyway, I think the car you're looking at is a great deal, and congrats if you decide to get it!
thanks guys.. i took delivery of the car Monday night. it’s a blast !!!
Enjoy the fast induced smiles.
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launch mode for world peace.....I also hear it kills the corona virus.....:biggrin:
Enjoy the fast induced smiles.

Yeh.. My wife was making fun of me when we were driving home from the dealership... The non stop smile and grunting on our way home... :)
Congrats and enjoy it!