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I have an extra ticket to this years NSXPO

27 May 2006
West San Gabriel Valley Area, CA
My guest, drooped out when he found out that his 50th high school reunion was being held on the same weekend as NSXPO. In addition, if you don,t mind my snoring, I did book a room at the host hotel with two queen beds. We can share the room and split the cost to make attending NSXPO less expensive!

PM if you are interested!
You need a roomie for the track day portion or the social?
Hi Gaymond, Sorry my friend who cannot attend the social portion of NSXPO will still be going to the HPDE event during the week. I wonder if the hotel provides roll-in beds? Do you want me to ask?

Hi Mario,
No thats ok, I still have almost a week to find accommodations or just get a room. I saw another request somewhere that I saved but thanks anyway