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I know you are going to think I’m nuts.

2 March 2005
Redmond WA USA
I just spent a day and a half fixing my drivers side window.
It would go up half way and slow down and sometimes stop.
So I read up on it on Prime and took the thing apart. God I hate working with trim all the tabs break off and things fall apart if you look at them the wrong way. It’s like working on a laptop. It was never meant to be taken apart.

Anyway I stripped it all down and removed and cleaned out the tracks and the plastic sliders and greased it all up and put it back and if anything it was worse.
So I had the idea to turn the sliders around because they are rectangular. So I turn them around and now they are all loose and sloppy and the window goes up and down fine. The best bit is that when the window comes all the way up it indexes on the stop blocks so the position is very precise and consistent. Best of all I get lucky with the adjustment and now the wind noise that I had a 70 mph is gone. I think there might be no wind noise up to 100 mph but there is no way to know becaus I never speed.

It makes me wonder why they made it with such tight tolerances on the sliders. The way I have it now seems to work fine.
What do you think?