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Identify this part! + pictures of the NSX i just got


Does the TCS light come on when the speedometer flakes out? If so, it could be the speed sensor (do a search for more info). If it does not, it still might be the speed sensor, but start by verifying that the TCS does not have a paper clip in it too. :)

Out of curiosity: Is this the NSX that was recently for sale in Houston for low $20Ks? Unless I am mistaken, it is the same one previously owned/neglected by dmitriy_2by2. I hope you got a good deal - it has an interesting CarFax report including an odometer that seems to go backwards.
OOooo :wink:


Same car :) Guess the previous owner got the car from him.

Ya non of the problems that car has is apparent in this one. Previous owner put in a JDM engine tranny and clutch..... lol guess thats why cause of the leaking cylinder.

Ya the car has been upgraded and cleaned up. I believe i got my money's worth :)

Just a few quarks with the car i need to address.

Vizal, im asking questions before i get my hands dirty :) I need to find time to go through the car and find its flaws and address them. Working too many hours. Also just got my fingers on the NSX manual which helps out a lot. By the looks of it i'll need to find another place to do this because the damn manager lady just came up and almost kicked down my door for working on the car in the car port :D

time for a new place with a garage .

I got very good deal for the car.
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I remember your initial intention is to keep the car for a short time. I hope you end up keeping the NSX longer and really enjoy driving it, not fixing it :redface:

Good luck brother. :smile:

Loving the car right now :)

Not as quick as the supra but definitly gets a lot more looks. I'll probably keep it for a while and sell it. Just putting in a little work to get it tip top so i wont have to worry about anything :D

Too much fixing is no good. But so far so good, because im not fixing it to drive it.... know what i mean? Also Honda engine is a lot easier to work on then the toyota's Supra or the Mr2. Im very happy about that and 2 thumbs up to the Honda's design team.

Now just gota get this management whore off my back and get a place with a 2 car garage.

Got about 2500$ in upgrades for the supra just sitting here waiting for me to install :mad:
also the speedometer problem was due to heat soak leading to silly resistance on the speed sensor wires.

Just moved it farther away from the exhaust piping and works like a charm now.

8000 rpm is sweet... but still hell of a lot slower then the supra :wink:

thanks for everyone's input.
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I'm glad to hear you got it running right, and thanks for telling us what the problem was... Hopefully it will help someone out in the future.
Godspeed, You better watch comments like that one or the Christian Coalition, Forum Nazi's, and armchair traffic court judges will come out of the woodwork and tell you how to live your life.
Forget Them

2Dobes said:
Godspeed, You better watch comments like that one or the Christian Coalition, Forum Nazi's, and armchair traffic court judges will come out of the woodwork and tell you how to live your life.

godspeed - that is you car, you paid for it with not their money, so you drive how you like.

2Dobes - is this in reference to two Dobermans? I have two Boxers.....dogs are the best pals. Except when they want to play full throttle when it is 101 °F outside. :tongue:
godspeed01 said:
lol no worries. im the last one to bow down to authority :)

it is the vision of my car and body wrapped around a lamp post that slows me down :D

Have fun out there, but just be careful. We all like to exceed the speed limit a little bit from time to time :wink:

Enjoy your new ride! :smile:
Re: IDENTIFY THIS PART! + pictures of the NSX i just got

Cairo94507 said:
Congratulations on your new NSX - now please get rid of that wing, decals, and get those side skirts painted - your car will really appreciate it.

I agree!! It's hard to make a NSX :eek: :frown: :eek: , but with the right set of stickers, wings, sideskirts, carbon fiber hoods, and the right blend of swirl marks and it can be done.