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In what ways is the NSX getting "out-dated"

16 June 2000
My step dad considered getting an NSX 6 years ago when it was relitively new...but since that time he feels that the car is out dated a bit.....I don't agree at all, I believe the car is timeless....But it got me wondering in what ways is the NSX showing it's age? Tall over hang? No digital speedometer...what's your guys opinion?
He's been reading too many magazines and listening to journalist opinions. Many of the great reviews I read about the NSX still state something about getting old, outdated, redesign, etc...
It seems to be some kind of things that some major automotive journalists follow. If a car is not redesigned every 5-7 years, it's getting old and needs updating.
As much as I am looking forward to the new NSX, I'm also dreading the fact that it will devalue mine that much more. As soon as a new body style is released, older models devalue.
If he's worried he should wait a year. Get the new one.
I jumped on a new NSX in 2000 almost immediately after seeing those early rumored shots of the next-gen NSX.

I can't believe the direction in which automotive design has headed over the past few years (and even scarier where it's going with the new Z, the RSX, the new TL, the new Celica, the new Viper, that funky BMW concept thingee, etc.). The only recent designs I've liked are the S2000, the Ferrari 360 Spider, and the Porsche Carrera GT prototype.

If critics fault the NSX for not conforming to the more current trends in auto designs, then I strongly question their taste.

Actually, I've always questioned critics' taste. I was thumbing through early articles where critics talk about how the Honda NSX ALMOST captured the exotic look of the European supercars but failed in that it's nose is too rounded, its rear is too long, its interior too plain. The NSX is now over ten years old and it still is one of the best looking car designs around...IMHO, Honda hardly failed. This IS a classic design and many cars have adopted elements of its design (Camaro, Corvette, Probe, even the prototype Porsche Carrera GT and the Saleen S7).

If and when they DO change the look of the NSX, it had better be faithful to the original's design or I will be sorely disappointed.

--akira3D ('00 NSX-T red/black #113)
"Reality is better than the dream..."

Well look at porsche. They still keep the same concept design since day one..

Yet I doubt the NSX will die.. it is (to me) as beautiful as the ferrari TR is.. timeless
I sold a new C5 Corvette to buy a supposedly outdated 2000 NSXt. The NSX is a fantastic demonstration of technical prowess, and will always be a timeless example of passionate engineering. Mark my words: in ten years, the C5 and many other "new" cars will be the automotive equivalent of the polyester leisure suit, while the NSX will be numbered with cars like the 427 Cobra and the Ferrari GTO -- cars which exemplify the unique vision of the engineers who created them.
It has taken Ferrari (supposedly the standard for exotics) three generations to catch up to where the NSX is. And, they needed Alcola to hold their hand through the entire engineering/manufacturing design process to do it.

Compare the NSX to other cars of its type (911, Corvette, etc) and I believe you will see it is every bit as good as any of them.

That said, one could subjectively argue the syling is dated. However, my car gets admiring looks everywhere I go. Some cars, such as the Porsche, have better electronic systems, such as the traction control, but the NSX more than compensates in other areas.
If the NSX was marketed better in the US, I would presume sales numbers would be better.

That being said, I can't think of another car that has been kept, almost exactly the same, for 11 years. Long standers such as the Lexus SC, LS, and ES come to mind, but at least two of those have been completely revamped.

-- Chris

Chris Willson
The only thing outdated with the NSX, IMHO, is the pop-up headlights. It's a little to 80s-ish styling. Everything else is still close to the state-of-the-art, ten years on. Yes, the others have finally caught up, but it sure took 'em a while.

I (like akira3d) am also non-impressed with the rumored pix of the next-gen NSX. They all seem a little too Supra-esque for my tastes. I'd rather see styling go in the direction of the Saleen S7, toned down a little bit and built to Japanese precision.

Or, as somebody said in a post long ago: Park a Ferrari 360 in the lobby of the designers' office building, and give the designers a two-word directive: "Beat This".

-Bob ('94 #496)
Funny you should mention the pop-up headlight issue as large fixed headlights are the main thing that has gotten under my skin about newer car designs. I'd rather see pop-up lights than see Celica-like headlights on the next-gen NSX. If they have to be fixed, they should be understated and small.

And, just the other day, someone said while admiring my car, "I've always wanted a car with pop-up headlights." So perhaps pop-up lights aren't such a bad thing after all.
I just came back from a 100 mile drive through the wine country around Sonoma. The temperature is about 75 degrees, the sun is shining, the top is off. Only people who have not experienced the thrill of owning one can say that the design of the NSX is outdated - it is not! - they are just repeating what they read . The design is timeless. Old Porsches look outdated, old Ferraris look outdated, I even think the NSX looks better than the new 360 - pop-up headlights and all.

The NSX only needs one thing to be perfect - more power. Two hundred and seventy horses was great in 1990, today, when a CL comes with 260, 290 is just not enough. I'm going to spend another 10 grand in the near future on a Comptech SC - then it will be perfect.
I can't think of another car that has been kept, almost exactly the same, for 11 years.

I can think of one for 13 years: C4 Corvette, 1984-1996 model years.
Originally posted by 1HOT NSX:
I even think the NSX looks better than the new 360 - pop-up headlights and all.

Just dont park right next to a 360. We had a 97 red next to a 360 red, and the NSX looks VERY small next to it! The cars got moved around, and it ended up that the 2 red cars were sandwiching a 2001 996 Turbo (silver), then the NSX looked good.
Point is that the 360 is a BIG car, and it looks really good. Probably better than the NSX.
Definitely better than the NSX if you get a good look at the rear lower wings that produce ALL THAT Down force!!!
However, if you put it in pespective, the nsx costs less than 1/2 as much, and so we are comparing Pizza to Sushi

"Ferrari Will get you way more dates"

Especialy if you fancy Mechanics!

Why are Ferrari Dealers full of brand new cars scattered all over the service department having the engines completely removed from the car and the Owners seem to be standing around proud to pay for the honor. I am realy done with Ferrari. Give me a NSX and a Beach Condo instead for the same bucks, I'll get the dates.