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Info on NSX in UK?

3 March 2000
Hong Kong
I came across this great site for the NSX but noticed it was mainly for US NSX owners.

Do you know of sites and information in the UK?

Are the NSX cars built differently (other than which side the steering wheel is on) in the UK and US and JPN?
Also I'm not familar with the model ranging from 91 to now. Where can I find this information?

Many Thanks



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Other than Left-Hand-Drive vs. Right-Hand-Drive the cars are basically the same. There are some minor differences but most are cosmetic. The UK cars also have a few extra options like as fog lights.

I don't know of any web sites specific to the UK NSX other than Honda dealer sites.

As for whether to buy a '91 or '94 - the cars are basically the same. They added a passenger air bag in the US in '93. Cupholders. Bigger wheels in '94.

You can see a list of changes by year at http://www.nsxprime.com/FAQ/General/changesbyyear.htm

And finally you asked if the auto tranny is worth it. That totally depends on what you want from the car. I don't like the automatics personally. But if you want or like the auto transmission I guess it would be worth it.

Thanks for getting back to me. I'll check out the web address you gave me.

As for the Auto, i was trying to get one in HK, since I am spending a lot of time here. However I have only seen Autos on sale. I know these differ slightly in engine and performance and gears than a manual. I'd rather get the Manual for a bit of fun, although someone told me the Autos are still good fun.

The NSXs are cheaper in HK and service is not so outrageous as in the UK (maybe cause we're nearer to Japan?).

Many Thanks