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Info on NSX VIN JH4NA115XNT000126 in Canada

7 July 2012
Cold Lake,AB,Canada
I just signed up on Prime and was wondering if anyone would have info on this car. It was brought into B.C Canada as a salvage car and rebuilt. Currently it is in Edmonton Alberta. I tried to get more info on what the accident consisted of but to no avail. The car was deemed an insurance loss in Portland Oregon in 10/30/2001.
Thank you.
I have run a Carproof already(it was in Florida at one time). It is a black 92 5 speed. A salvage car does not bother me but I would like to know what kind of accident it was involved in as the current owner bought it from an estate sale and does not know the history of the vehicle.
Wow this car has traveled. This was my car yes it was totaled. It was t-boned in the passenger door. $20k worth of damage at the time car looked bananaed. It likely could have been repaired but the damage was significant. The picture in my avitar is actually that 92 before the accident.

Was in the FAQ if you googled the vin you would have found it
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