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Invitation to run new, Full Sears point track this month.

9 December 2001
Santa Cruz, CA
I am passing this on to help a friend of mine. They recently got the opportunity w/ short notice to get Sears Point for this Easter weekend, March 30 & 31. This will be the FULL newly completed track. If you want, you can follow the discussion at http://www.s2ki.com/forums/showthread.php?s=&threadid=50367

“Wurth Motorsports (www.wurthmotorsports.com) and Bitterman Time Trials have have been given the opportunity to be one of the first groups to run the brand new Sear's Point raceway road circuit, which opens in less than 14 days! This will be the FULL 2.53 mile race course, venue for NASCAR and many other professional race events, which will be available for you to drive on for 2.5 to 5 hours (depending whether you come one day or two) this Easter weekend, March 30 & 31.

We know this is very short notice, but it just got plopped in our laps and it's way too exciting for us to pass up. Our Sear's Point event will provide you, as with all our past Wurth/Bitterman events, with the most track time per dollar than any other group available!

Additionally, this will be the only S2000 Challenge Series event in Northern California this year, so we hope to see many more exciting S2000, and other autocross, time trial, and race car drivers out at the track. This will be a great opportunity to prepare for the 2002 season and/or compare your times to the best drivers' in the world, as well as to compete in our Challenge Series. Of course, hotlappers, beginners, and all the rest are welcome to attend and drive on this world famous track as well. Our AMB timing system will be available for this event.

The cost for this event is $275 for 1 day and $450 for both days (2.5 - 5 hours track time) the best deal you'll find anywhere in terms of $/tracktime, especially now that the track is completing it's multimillion dollar renovation and the facility will be in greater demand than ever.

We hope to see you all out at the track for what will be one of our most exciting events of the year. Remember to sign up soon since every event seems to be selling out! Please contact us with any questions.”

If you have any questions, you can contact the organizers at the url above.

Tech Director – www.s2ki.com

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Wow, Krazik, you beat me to it! Here's more info for those interested:

The chance just came up to be one of the first groups on Sears Point after their multi-million dollar modernization project, and we just had to jump at it. The price may look high to some not used to Sears Point, but on a $/track time ratio, this is as cheap as it gets!

Price: $275 one day/$450 two days (+$20 per day instructor fee required for novices)

Duration: 2 days / 5 hours of track time per group!*

Track: The newly reopened full track at Sears Point (Sonoma, CA)

Registration: Registration is open

Event Info:

Sears Point is a legendary 2.52 mile track in Northern California, and the most in-demand track in the west. This is your opportunity to be among the first on the full track after the huge modernization project which has shut down various parts of the track for the last year. Come out with us and you'll get the best track time per dollar value you'll see at Sears, and compare your times to those set by the big names of ALMS, NASCAR, and the stars of yesterday. Sears is a challenging course best suited to intermediate and advanced drivers.

Come join us for the awesome bonus event!


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Hi All. Because of the last-minute addition of this event, we are motivated to get registration rolling quickly, and have decided to offer huge price breaks to the first 30 drivers to sign up for this event.
We have reduced track fees from $275 for one day and $450 for 2 days down to $220 for one day and $395 for two days. This special incentive will end at midnight on 3-13, and those already registered will receive the price break. We strongly encourage those interested in this event to register in the next few days, as insufficient interest may force us to cancel the Sears Point event. We will make the decision whether to go forward with the event or not on 3-14, and should we cancel there will obviously be no charge to those who signed up.

As always, further event information is available at

Thanks, and hope to see you at the track!