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Joining the Pacific Northwest - moving up to Seattle

16 October 2009
Morning all -
Just took a job in Seattle so moving the family and my NSX up !

I know my car won't melt in the rain, but having lived in NorCal and more recently in Reno/Tahoe we have many blue sky days. Any advice on good windshield wipers ?

Seriously, looking to get connected with the NSX'ers in Seattle/Bellevue.


2000 NSX-T Silverstone
There's a few of us that regularly attend exotics @ redmond town center. You'll have to check it out.
You may have been joking about wipers, but has anyone used PIAA silicone wipers? My brother is a big fan on his A3. Looks like model numbers 95055 (Super Silicone), 96155 (Aero vogue), or 97055 (Si-Tech), with adapter C1/C11 and refill 94055.
When I lived in WA I used a product called Aquapel on all my vehicles' windows. The stuff trumps Rain-X when applied properly. Check it out, I promise you won't be disappointed!

And I live in Montana now, so if it isn't 90°+ in the summer, it's snowing, which means the NSX is in the garage.
Welcome to the Seattle area! I just use the stock OEM inserts for my wipers. The official opening day for Exotics at Redmond Town Center is April 12.