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July 3rd Longwkend Monday Mosport DDT track event 9:30am-5pm 20+events by Touge.ca

18 April 2007
[size=3][b]July 3rd Canada Day Long weekend Monday 9:30am - 5pm Mosport DDT Lapping event, #9 Touge.ca event 2023![/b][/size]

[url='http://www.touge.ca/-2022-track-photos']2022 Track Photos & Videos[/url]

Hello all drivers,

We would like to setup a CTMP Mosport DDT lapping event for our drivers and friends.

[b]All Beginners are welcome! Instructors are available for you![/b]

Our 9th event of the season. We're starting to build a list for the track day signup for the July 3rd Canada Day Long weekend Monday.

We have the track July 3rd Canada Day Long weekend Monday @ Mosport DDT from 9:30am - 5:00 pm booked, cost will be $289 prepay rate for each participant!!

We will have a short briefing prior to getting out on the track, followed by a 2 or more warm up laps, then lapping for the rest of the day. "Lapping" refers to just that, doing laps. Passing is STRICTLY prohibited except on the straights, and only when the person in front of you has allowed you by signaling you to pass. We reserve all rights to kick people off the track that are driving dangerously and/or aren't listening to track marshalls.

[b]Format: Depends on turnout, One group or Two groups (15mins to half hour each session), instead of 4 or more groups in other events with long wait with your own group. (no instructors or volunteer groups), no Lunch break (10am-5pm)

1. Advanced
2. Intermediate/Beginner[/b]

New drivers/First time beginners are strongly recommend to have attend our track school with instructors to make sure all safety and fun on the track themselves with others, please email [email][email protected][/email]

[b]As usual, "Tons of photos and videos" will be provided after each track event for you, your family, and friends!![/b]

[color=darkgreen][b]All those interested in attending this track day on July 3rd Canada Day Long weekend Monday

[size=3]Please Email me your info below:
Full Name:
Car make, model, year, color:
Emergency contact person and phone#:
License plate#
Novice/First time on track / Experienced / Advanced: (Indicate if you need an instructor)
Email address:[/size][/b][/color]

Helmets is strongly recommended for safety reasons, you will have to sign a disclaimer at the track, for those who do not wear helmet and not following our lapping rules, the participants take full responsibility for their action. (if you have helmets, it won't hurt to bring them up).

[b]Mosport DDT Track - July 3rd Canada Day Long weekend Monday 9:30am - 5pm

[b]** Payment/Deposit** [/b][/b]

[color=sienna]Prepaid: $289 CAD before June 23rd Friday 11:59pm [b]or[/b][/color]

[size=3][b]After June 23rd Friday 11:59pm cutoff or At the track: $349 CAD[/b][/size]

[b]Please contact Kevin if you want to meet up to pay for the track fee in GTA.

Whoever wants to pay the track fee by [b][size=2]Email money Transfer - *** ($289), [/size][/b]or cash in person, kindly contact Kevin [/b]

(416-5649999) or email [b][email][email protected][/email][/b] for instruction.

*2nd Driver (who shares the same car) $200.

This is a full "7 hrs" lapping day, [b]half an hour break/lunch[/b] in between around 1pm.

*Drivers meeting will be at 9:15am, one page of lapping rules and map layout of the track will be provided.

All those interested please sign up or email me asap. We want to build a list as soon as we can.

Please contact Kevin@ 416-5649999 if you would like to pay the track fee in person in GTA. Whoever wants to pay the track fee by, Email Transfer, Paypal, the email address is [b][email][email protected][/email][/b]. For money order or personal cheque, please call/email me for details.

*Here are directions to Mosport International Raceway.

The directions are 401 east to exit 431 Waverly Rd(Durham rd 57) go north approx 20 km to Durham Rd 20 Turn right, go for approx 5 km to concession rd #10 turn right and you will go in the first gate (or Entrance #1).

[b]Tons of photos are on our Facebook photography page below, Please LIKE and Share:[/b]

[url='http://www.touge.ca/-2022-track-photos']2022 Track Photos & Videos[/url]








2023 July 9th Sunday Mosport Outdoor GoKarting event 11am-1pm Sunday!
Touge.ca 20+ events 2023 !!


2022 Track Photos & Videos

Hello all drivers,
We have the track Sunday morning from 11am-1pm booked, cost will be $219 prepay for each participant. Have the need for speed? Go-Karting ia an increasingly popular, and suprisingly affordable sport. Considered the first step in any serious racers career, karting is an excellent way at developing essential racing skills. Its also a adrenaline rush that can't be matched and a great way ...to make new friends.

Mosport International Karting will provide everything, all you do is show up and drive. If you have your own helmet and groves, bring them.

Everything is provided including the high performance racing kart, track time, damages, fuel, tires, pit crew, mechanic, licensing and training. Speeds of up to 50 M.P.H on a 1.5 Kilometer Road Course Racetrack.

All participants need to bring their own gloves and wear sport/casual shoes,(No slippers!), as no toes/skin exposures.

Helmets/Neck supports are provided or you can bring your own helmets provided that they are qualify the safety standards.

The event provides everything required for you to go racing with the understanding that all participants must dress for the weather with no exposed skin. Running shoes, short pants/long pants (i.e. jeans- no track pants), gloves (any type) and a thick-lined jacket must be worn (i.e. jean or leather-no hooded jackets). Participants must take safely very seriously and understand that this is a professional racing events for beginners of all ages.

The F1K High Performance karts are provided with a 6.5 Honda Racing Engine for all racing class except for the Youth where they race 5.5 Honda Racing Engines.

2 practice sessions
1 qualifying session
1 race session

about 10 laps each session.
All those interested in attending this GoKarting event on June 25th, 2023

Email to ([email protected]) and Sign up

Include first name and last initial, car type, & contact info

My name is your full name
- Novice or Experienced:
- Contact: your Phone #, both (cell# and home#)
- Emergency Contacts:
- Email: your email address
- I want to join our GoKarting event on June 25th

Mosport Outdoor GoKarting event - Sunday, July 9th 11am-1pm

* PLEASE Call 416-5649999 and [email protected] for Pre-registration if you are interested!!

Prepay: $219 (before June 30th 11:59pm)
After prepay cutoff: $239

All those interested please sign up or email [email protected] asap. I want to build a list as soon as I can.

Please contact Kevin@ 416-5649999 if you would like to pay the track fee in person in GTA. Whoever wants to pay the track fee by, EMT (Email Money Transfer), the email address is "[email protected]".

we will be going on our own and arrive at Mosport GoKart tack around 10:45am

Regardless of whether or not you are coming up with the group or meeting us at the track, we will go over the training/track rules with everyone in the Drivers meeting around 11am. Those that miss it, we will go over the track rules with you but you will miss some sessions. We're very serious about this, as we want to be very clear that everyone knows what's expected of them, for everyone's safety.

We will MEET in front of the Gate #2.