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June/ July Track Days in NW.

23 July 2003
Seattle, WA.
June 14th, Pacific Raceways: Proformance afternoon lapping: Full.

June 15th, Pacific Raceways: NW Alfa Romeo Club. http://nwalfaclub.com/events.html

June 23rd, Pacific Raceways: Speedware Motorsports

June 24th, Portland International Raceway: Tri Club Track day

July 10th, Pacific Raceways: BMW Puget Sound.

July 11th, Open: Stay tuned.

July 12th, Pacific Raceways: Proformance lapping

July 27th, Pacific Raceways: Speedware Motorsports

Please anyone, if you have anything to add for AutoX, HPDE and lapping days info, add to this. I'm doing this mainly because I was replying Titaniumdave's post by mistake, and also messed up the month...(June & July is confusing, huh :rolleyes: )

Looking forward meeting you at the track soon.


BTW, I'm planning to go both June23 and 24th if I have company. Please let me know asap...
reminder for those who are interested to run the 23rd or 24th event.

I think you can still sign up the speedware event on 23rd at Pacific Raceway, please visit speedware motorsport for more information.

For the 24th Portland event, today is the last day for pre registration.

I signed up for both :biggrin:

It was really nice meeting all of you at Pacific Raceways on June 23rd and getting to run with most of you at Portland International Raceway on Friday, Ferrand (NSXdreamer2), Gary (polar) and Jackson (freelance201) and I did not quite get STI's name on Thursday (sorry about that)

I had the pleasure of learning the line by following polar for a couple of laps before he completely dissapeared from my sight during the first session ;), the track at Pacific Raceway was a lot fun, very challenging to go fast at.

It requires good rythm and lots of guts to go fast through turns 5a, 5b and 6. A mistake would cost dearly but that is good since it builds discipline and patience in building up speed.

Going downhill to turn 2 with the differences in the road surface was fun as well, Turns 3a and 3b seemed to take like an eternity and proved to be challenging as well. Because of the nearby hills and vegetation and trees it almost felt like going for a canyon drive without having to worry about traffic on the other side of the road.

Neither pictures or track videos do real justice to the track, it was a lot of fun :cool: I had so much fun that I did not even think about taking pictures of the Carrera GT that was there that day, it sure did sound sweet blasting by the front straight heading into turns 1 and 2!

One of these days I'll be hitting the track at Spokane, perhaps some of you will join me for a drive? :D


P.S. Next time that I'm that way I'll be using the Marga Hills rear spoiler the Route KS spoiler had way too much drag, limiting my top speed going into turn 2 to barely 125mph :(, whereas NSXdreamer2 was hitting 145mph in his car :eek: +/- differences in speed readings due to differences in tire sizes as NSXdreamer2 pointed out, so maybe I was not going that slow, probably not ;)


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Oops, I forgot to say kudos to the folks from Speedware Motorsports for putting up the event at Pacific Raceways www.speedwaremotorsports.com

Thanks to Adam, Andrew, Brett, Eric and the rest of the gang for putting together a really nice event and for agreeing to tech my car with such a short notice on Wednesday. And for allowing me to run multiple run groups, I really appreciated that as well :cool:

Hopefully I can buy some decals and some shirts from them one of these days, so far I only have the tech sticker that will remain on my car for a while :D

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so maybe I was not going that slow, probably not
How could you be slow when you only have less than an hour time on track while I've been there for 9 track days, and you are on Street Tires :rolleyes:?? I learnt quite a bit from you and enjoy your ride a lot. Thank you and I look forward to meet you again in the near future... ;)

We never talked about this but if you have been full throttle on the lap that I was following you, your wing definately slowed you down a lot. Remember, I was carrying one 180 lbs passenger and my car is only 5 speed. By the braking zone, I think I was only a car length behind... (Well, ok, I late brake to take advantage of that) It was fun, and I wished we could have run more together...

futher evidence is that besides I'm considerably a lot slower at PIR, but there's couple laps I could see you in distance and there's no gain at all on the straight. (I only top 125 at most, rather than I'm seeing 142+/- at PR)

BTW, I was just done swaping my brakes to street pads and rotors afterwork today. My pass. side pads only as thick as a floppy disc... I never had run out of pads, and I had no idea how long it will last, but when I see my pads, I was like :eek: :redface:

Oh. Since titaniumdave frequent this thread, I have to thank you so much for showing me the lines and also instucting me on my first session. I could have run in a whole lot of troubles if I had never sat in your car... Lets put it without your instructions, I won't enjoy the day as much as yesterday. :wink:
I'm also seriously thinking about the July10th lapping day, if you have more information about the day regarding registration, restriction and openings, it'll be great. We could also hang out somewhere like dinner, or even BBQ, even if the group meeting fail... and Ken, you know you are always welcome :tongue: