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King Motorsports "End of Summer" BBQ, Dyno Day & Mid-West Meet

9 September 2008
I just joined this community a few minutes ago... I dont know anyone here and I dont own an NSX (I wish) but I have been around them a ton. I thought I would extend to all of you in the Mid-West an invitation to King Motorsports 1st. Annual "End of Summer" BBQ, Dyno Day & Mid-West Meet.

We have been promoting this event for a little less than 5 weeks and have had a great response thus far... pre-registration had ended yesterday for all the forums we had been advertising on but I'd like to extend this for a day or two to you all.

We have already handed in the art work and order qty. for event t-shirts so we may not be able to accomodate everyone but we did put in for extras in random sizes, so maybe you will get lucky? Food order needs to be placed tomorrow which we will be padding as well but worse case you can just plan a lunch of your own.

The event is FREE but we are limited to a total of 220 cars of which 80 spots are already reserved. If you would like to reserve a VIP spot like the 80 mentioned; which includes a guaranteed parking spot, an event t-shirt, a lunch voucher, and a raffle ticket for $20.00... please fill out this form http://kingmotorsports.com/PDFs_Uploaded/KMSDynoDayReg.pdf and have them in to me by COB tomorrow.

Because meals and shirts are limited at this point and we cannot change the qty. we are willing to reserve spots for FREE (rather than $20.00) as long as you fill out the form.

Here is the text found on other forums:

King Motorsports will be hosting the First Annual "End of Summer" BBQ, Dyno Day & Mid-West Meet Saturday, September 20th 2008.

Food and Drinks
Limited Run Event T-Shirts
Raffles for Vendor Swag
King Motorsports Shop Tour
Product Specials and Extended Discounts
"Grand Prize" Complete Tune or $450 Gift Certificate from King Motorsports
$50 Dyno Special… Three (3) Pulls on our "In House" 2WD Dynojet 224xLC Chassis Dyno

King Motorsports
Saturday September 20th.
9:00 to 6:00
LIMITED parking (220 spots total 80 reserved)
$20.00 to pre-register
*Raffle Ticket
Pre-registered cars have priority
Pre-registered car count reduces the total qty. of spots available
Pre-registration ends September 6th.
First Come First Serve Parking is First Come First Serve
Bring food if you did not pay for a meal
No Alcohol, No Racing, and No Burn-outs


Contact Info:
[email protected] = e-mail
262-522-7558 Ext. 302 = phone
So did you guys move from jefferson to new berlin or open another location? I haven't lived WI in 6 years but always remember admiring the stuff you guys were doing whenever I would come in.