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Koenigsegg CC S8

17 September 2000
San Diego, CA
This car looks pretty wicked...

POWERTRAIN: 4.6-liter, 655-hp, 553-lb-ft supercharged V8; rwd, six-speed manual

CURB WEIGHT: 2580 pounds
0 TO 60 MPH: 3.1 seconds (est.)



This is an all-Swedish project that is quite stunning regarding the short time and high level of engineering. A hade the opportunity to inspect the first production car in every detail and the quality is stunning. The fitment, materials etc. It should be with that price tag but other brands like Lamborghini, earlier Ferraris etc. have not had that finish.

From there site http://www.koenigsegg.com/index.asp

Company history

1994 – The Koenigsegg project was launched. With a long tradition of building high quality cars and a large number of suppliers to the racing car industry, Sweden offered a suitable breeding ground for the development of a world-class supercar.

The concept for this supercar was set from the start, a two-seat mid engine construction with a hardtop; all based on state-of-the-art Formula One technology. A network of competent designers and engineers, with connections to both the Swedish car industry and the universities, was tied together.

1995 - Koenigsegg moved into new premises in Olofström, Sweden. The company was then ready to construct the first prototype. The newly assembled Koenigsegg team made an extraordinary effort: in just one and a half years a fully operational prototype vehicle was finished, ready for media promotion and further testing.

1996 - This was a year of heavy testing on racetracks, roads, and in the Volvo wind tunnel. Among the well renowned racecar drivers to test the prototype were Picko Troberg, Calle Rosenblad and Rickard Rydell. They were all very impressed by its outstanding performance. The concept worked. It was time to present the car to the public.

1997 - Koenigsegg CC prototype was shown during the Cannes film festival and it was received with great enthusiasm. The satisfactory test results and massive media coverage at Cannes enabled the company to proceed and create a finished product. An entirely new car was brought into the world. Sticking to the basic concept of the prototype, the entire chassis was now made of carbon fiber, and a unique module system was developed so that the car can be configured to every desired setup.

1998-99 - The Koenigsegg team worked full speed ahead for the specified product model. The car went through fiftyseven different tests in order to comply with international certification regulations. Maintaining a low profile towards the media, all concentration was focused on perfecting the final product.

An ideal new facility near Ängelholm was purchased, and the build up of a series production infrastructure was started. Since nearly every key part of the Koenigsegg CC is specially designed and unique, highly qualified composite engineers and CAD/CAM technicians were employed. Modelers with experience from SAAB, Bentley and Bugatti created the final body. A three dimensional measuring system with full CAD/CAM capabilities was set up in the modeling workshop.

2000 - The first production vehicle was assembled and tested during the spring and summer. The deadline was set for September 28th, when the finished product met the jury of the world: the Premiere at the Paris Motor Show. Meanwhile, at the Koenigsegg facility a full-scale production line for manufacturing the cars was being organized.

2001 - The silver production prototype CC 8S created a sensation following its presentation at the Paris Motor Show. Articles about it have been published in most of the world’s car magazines. It has received several design awards, among them the prestigious German Red Dot award and a prize for excellent Swedish design. The Swedes recently voted the Koenigsegg CC the Car of the Year in the Swedish magazine Automobil. The magazine Car and Driver performed a series of tests on the car and found it beating its competitors on most counts, such as acceleration, lateral G and braking.

2002 - The first customer Koenigsegg CC 8S has been assembled and handed over to its proud owner at a ceremony at the Geneva Motor Show in March. This stunning red car is scheduled for an attempt at breaking the world speed record later this year.
Klas: Thanks for the link! That's the first time I've seen the CC-S8 on video. The video is awesome, the car is amazing, and Tiff still has the best job in the world.

However, my favorite part is about 1 minute into the review with the "dihedrol-synchrohelix actuation doors" (sp). :D

IMHO: It looks much better in video than in the still pictures I've seen. Or at least, it's easier to see how the lines flow as the car is moving (angle is changing). The front (hood) reminds me of the NSX, the rear resembles an Enzo.

Thanks a lot for the video. That is one sweet car. I am wondering why it did not beat the Zonda's time for the best track time around their circuit? I would figure that the S8 would crush the time because of its superior power to weight ratio?

I love that car.
man I love that car.
but seems very hard to control and heavy on everything..
I like sportscar for fun not for torture.. hehe but good to display it at ur garage!