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Lamborghini Diablo Question

25 September 2004
What are these skateboard looking wheels underneath it? Are they something to do with helping it not bottom out?


They look aftermarket to me and from the looks of the front spoiler they aren't doing a very good job. I have a set of casters on my car trailer to help it from hitting at the rear of the trailer, I think they serve a similiar purpose.
terrible and tasteless. Any real car fanatic would have bought a new house to avoid bottoming out of the driveway :biggrin: LOL

Newer Diablo's have electronic height adjustment for driveways :eek:
Not a bad idea.... I'm sure from 95% of the angles, you couldn't see them anyway because the car is so low. I was trying to come up with an idea to keep the front end from scraping....but there's just no room to work down there. I think I'll pass on the skateboard idea though :biggrin: