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Last Minute Event: Norcal NSXPrimers Spring Fling Saturday April 17th, 2010

8 January 2009
Shanghai, China
Hello Y'all,

Since I have to be in SF for work this week, this looks like fun. Who's interested? I am rolling Thursday morning and then scheduled for work in the afternoon. This leaves me Friday and Saturday to play in the bay. Sunday will be a nice leisurely drive back down the 101 with a stop at the Monterey Bay Aquarium.

Our NorCal (Sacramento and Bay Area Chapter) Spring Fling this year is on Saturday, April 17th, 2010.

You don't want to miss this event
- we have lots planned - Lunch, NSX people's choice car show w/ awards, visit/ tour of Driving Ambition (new location), photos, CD of photos for everyone and more.

First, the logistics, then the details:

Event: NorCal Spring Fling 2010
Date: Saturday, April 17, 2010
Start time: 11am
Location: El Dorado Hills and Cameron Park, CA

11am 12:30- Lunch, meet at restaurant
12:30 - 1pm - Peoples Choice NSX car show
1-1:15pm - Caravan to Driving Ambition
1:30pm - Visit and tour Driving Ambition's new shop, light refreshments and People's Choice NSX car show awards.

Lunch Details:

Bubba's Burgers (and Mexican)
875 Embarcadero Drive
El Dorado Hills, CA 95762
We've chosen a unique location for lunch this year. Located in a wooded part of town near Folsom Lake in El Dorado Hills, there is a very interesting restaurant called Bubba's Burgers (and Mexican). Yes, that's right, they serve burgers, sandwiches and Mexican food. The staff there is very friendly, the menu varied, the food good and they will take good care of our group.
You will be able to choose from any of the varied items on the menu. Burger and sandwich prices (includes sides) range from $7 to $10. Mexican food choices range from $10-$16. You can also have salad instead if you like. Drinks are extra. The parking lot is large and safe, and we checked the driveway for chin spoiler clearance - good to go.

NOTE FOR LUNCH: Please bring cash (fives, tens and ones) to help make bill payment go smoothly

People's Choice NSX Car Show Details:

At the conclusion of lunch at around 12:30pm, we will have the People's Choice NSX Car Show. Every NSX in attendance will be automatically entered into the show for a chance to win an award. The nice thing about a people's choice type of show, is there is no "official" judging of cars. Instead, every person in attendance will be given a voting sheet, where they can pick their favorite cars based on their own criteria. Voting is done silently using a ballot and the NSX with the most votes in each category wins. That means a highly modified NSX could win a category, or an all stock one could win or something in between. It all depends on the individual votes of attendees. Results of the show will be announced at Driving Ambition later in the day.

The car show categories are:
-First Place
-Second Place
-Third Place
-Best Paint
-Best Engine

Caravan to Driving Ambition:

After the NSX Show, we will take a short, 15 minute caravan to Driving Ambition in Cameron Park, CA. Driving Ambition has a new, much larger location and often has some of the nicest NSXs in the area in the shop getting tuning, race prep, service and customization. Shad and the Driving Ambition team are happy to open up the shop for the second half of the Spring Fling for us. We will have light refreshments, the results of the NSX show and award presentation while at Driving Ambition.
Driving Ambition
4241 Business Drive
Cameron Park, CA 95682


Photos will be taken during the Spring Fling. We plan to burn CDs of the pictures and give a CD to everyone in attendance.

NSX Driver Magazine Article:

One of our members plans to submit an article with photos about the event to the NSXCA NSX Driver Magazine. Your car might show up in print!

We've had large turnouts for events this year - Bring a spouse, a friend, a significant other, etc and let's have a lot of fun at the NorCal Spring Fling 2010!
Darn! I'll be in Modesto this weekend......have fun for me. :cool:
So you guys are rolling out on Thursday morning? Have to think about this one since I don't really like long drives.
I can't easily get the days off like you guys can. But have fun guys and BE AWARE of the roads when you are in SF. Took the X there but regretted it. DRIVE SLOW and stay safe! See you guys next week or whenever we all have a meet again.:biggrin::cool::wink:
Ron aren't you off on Friday? Drive up it would be swell to have all of us up there. Frankie has another party going on at lot 46
Ron aren't you off on Friday? Drive up it would be swell to have all of us up there. Frankie has another party going on at lot 46

I know, but I'll be also looking for a new commuter on my day off bro. Gotta take care of personal business first before I can play like you guys do all the time. Haha...i got the invite from Frankie. I wanna go back up again soon to visit Frankie and Steve and the rest of the gang. Even Eric...I was just even thinking that if we all were up there together wiwth our NSXs we could even get VIP parking in front of the club of Lot46 haha. Tell Eric to hook you guys up in that case.:biggrin: