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Let's all meet Ravi tonight - 7pm in Des Plaines, IL

28 December 2008
Chicago, IL
We will be meeting for hot dogs tonight at 7 in Des Planes, feel free to join if you can!

1441 Rand Rd, Des Plaines, IL 60016

See you later!
Its poring right now.. Lets see Hows weather change..
Yes, as of now the weather doesn't too good. I'm planning on going anyways, worst case scenario I will bring my every day car.
It was a pleasure to meet you, Ravi! I look forward to seeing you around and hopefully watching you drive at one of the local tracks. Paul, David, Chris...it's always good to see you guys.
it was a pleasure to meet all of you guys again. i hope hotdog was good enough to come down there. i love rand red's/ haha. see you guys soon before winter hits chicago!!
Definitely look forward to seeing you guys again. Got ahold of Carla and her husband regarding Sabine at EXPO and they laughed and we couldn't believe we came that close to each other and never talked!
I had a great time and I'm really liking the place, I think we should have another Hot dog meet there before the end of the driving season.
Did anyone bring their NSX?
I thought of you guys from Downers Grove looking north it was pitch black out. Figured it was cancelled.

Yes I'm ready for the next one with nice weather! By the way, the place in Downers on Tuesday had at least 50 cars. Mostly American muscle but they definately appreciated the NSX cruising through.
There are other ways of making that car street legal... :)

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LOL we are heading to K1

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Had a good time at K1. Set 6th best time for the month. Not bad for first timer at the facility. Very nice place!
Buffalo Grove!

Leaving tomorrow!

Great seeing you folks, i'll be back and will reach out again :)

Paul I gave my friend your cell # regarding her phone being quirky


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OH not to shamelessly plug, but you folks who want to follow my tech work, the best way to reach me is instagram