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Lets have a meet!

Is anyone getting together during TX2K15? I'm pushing to have my car done by then(the deadline is a coincidence), but it will be close.
Count me in!
Hummm...Sounds like it would be a nice cool little drive.

I will be there all day on Sat and Sunday.

What you could do is 290 then off to Somerville, Gay hill, and brenham area. Stop for a burger somewhere and stop by college station TWS after 1PM. Or you can be at the track at noon for some parade laps (no charge).
when and where? my nsx is down at the moment (needs new tire) but ill bring my forester along hah
This weekend!

Which tires are you going for? I am thinking about replacing my 15/16 tires and my 17/18 set as well (rears only).
Hey guys, i hope to see some nsx. It is supposed to be a perfect weather for a drive and parade laps are kinda cool without the problem of being too hard on your car.
there was a black nsx with 16/17 at TWS towards the end of the day Saturday.
Fun day for sure!


That was me. Got a late start on the day but took the long way around thru Sam Houston Park and back roads. Saw you on the track...looking good. That was my first time visiting so I was there talking to people about the driving school only to find out the track will be closed down in June this year. Bummer.

Sorry I didn't catch you before you headed out. May next time.
Sorry i missed you but i am always dead at the end of the day. Your nsx looks gorgeous! They have a trackday at the end of the month with a group called "trackguys".