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Lime Rock Park CT, US Anyone?

27 October 2011
Swansea, MA
I was interested to know if anyone can share some experiance driving at the Lime Rock Park in Lakeville CT.

I thought it would be a cool experiance. I have never taken my NSX to the track. If you have gone before please share your experiance and details.


I have done approximately 15 days at lime rock in my NSX but none since Skippy turned it into a "private" track and made it more difficult to get a full day's track time.

Here is a video from around 5 years ago (please excuse the music - I had a better soundtrack used to block out the wind noise since windows must be down but youtube copyright issues made me swap it out with one of their approved soundtracks)

What group/club would you be running with?

<iframe width="560" height="315" src="http://www.youtube.com/embed/hP4tJdxtyDg?rel=0" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>
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Looks like a blast.

Not sure which group just started looking into it. I figured it would be a cool thing to try out. Seems to be a bit cumbersome now with the group thing.

If anyone is in a group can you share the details for the rest of us. Thanks.
Seems to be a bit cumbersome now with the group thing.

If anyone is in a group can you share the details for the rest of us. Thanks.

Not sure what you mean by cumbersome. The only way you get track time is through a car club such as PCA or BMW or through an HPDE school such as SCDA.

Look into the SCDA (I started with them in 2002).

I did it with Skip Barber, I took the two day high Performance Driving School and it was at Limerock. I throughly enjoyed the track. I also have some video but unfortunately its not uploaded to youtube.

I would love to take an NSX on the course.. though not mine :-/ I dont want it to get any new scratches or worse...
As Bob said scda....the course is short,but technical.Its about momentum, only one real brake zone for turn 1.no garages so be prepared to get alot of sun exposure.
As Bob and John stated, you will need to join a club to get on most tracks. Joining is merely a small yearly fee of about $40. The clubs will go to different tracks in your area as well as LR. Check out clubregistration.com and motorsportreg.com to find clubs and schools that have events at the tracks in your area. Then check out their DE (Drivers Ed) program and you will be good to go.

I belong to PCA Metro NY and also run with different PCA groups, Trackmasters, Lotus Cup and Hooked on Driving. All have great DE programs that basically include instruction as long as you are in the novice, beginner and intermediate levels.

Lime Rock is a nice facility, pretty good food at the concession as far as track food goes, but not my personal favorite track for a variety of reasons; i.e. all right turns except the "Left-hander", small track, limited time due to having to interface and share the track with the Lime Rock club.

I do an event or so per year just to stay in touch but wouldn't make it my home track, even though it is the closest to my house.

Honestly I am being picky and any track is fun, even LR. I will actually be there September 7 and 8 with PCA Metro.

Go ahead and look into a club you can join and get out there, it is incredible fun.

Good luck,