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Looking for advice on flatspots

14 March 2012
Fernandina Beach FL
The front tires (dunlop sp 9000 215-40-zr 17) with a lot of tread remaining appear to be flat spotted, I suspect due to previous owner storage for about a year at 10psi. About an 1/8th inch from hill to valley. Question is are these salvageable. The tires were re-balanced and so far I don't suspect rim problems and still get vibrations between 65 and 80 mph. Right now I am letting the front wheels sit on layers of carpet at 45psi in hopes of correcting the tire. If tire replacement becomes necessary what recommendations might anyone have. Rear tires are also Dunlop 9000 series.? Also a thought... ever heard of shaving the tire down for correction?
I am not a tire expert but of two most common reasons for flat spot only one is salvageable. If the flat spot is due to braking, then the tire is still ok but as you said you may still get some vibration. If on the other hand the flat spot is due to sitting for long period of time at around 10 +/- psi, then it may have damaged the structural integrity of the tire. In the former case, you have less rubber in a spot; in the latter case, you may have damaged cords hence the tire will be weaker and therefore dangerous under load.
to my knowledge the dunlap sp 9000 was discontinued long ago and is a mediocre tire at best.Time for better newer rubber.