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Looking for an NSX lift in ATL

27 September 2000
Buckhead, GA

I'm currently looking into a new ride. I've pretty much narrowed it down to either a turbo Supra or a C5 hardtop (possibly Z06), but I thought I would also give the NSX some consideration. There's a nice black one I frequently see in the parking garage at my office (Promenade II, midtown, in case the owner reads this forum

Anyway, I've never even ridden in one, before. I'm kind of a torque junkie, so I don't know if I'll really go for the feel of the NSX, but I'd like to at least investigate..
In three week NSXPO, the national gathering of NSXs will be in Atlanta. If you want to join the fun, get an NSX now and you will never again consider a car like the Supra. Call me if you want to check out an NSX. Tom Croly (770) 751-0185.