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Looking for something different? Extensively modified Volvo C70 coupe

19 May 2006
Thanks for looking,
I had this for sale quite awhile ago but the sale fell through. I brought the car up to NH with me but its just sitting ever since.

The car is a 1998 Volvo C70 coupe. I will try to give a little history on the vehicle before going into the description. I originally purchased this car in October of 2004 for an older gentleman in Massachussets. I used the car as a daily driver from that time up until November 2005. The Timing belt tensioner broke, bending the valves. At that point the car underwent a full engine rebuild, described in detail below.

C70 history:

1998 was the first year for the new Volvo C70 coupes. The 98's came loaded with options including dual power heated seats, a premium Dynaudio stereo system with an in-dash 3 disc cd changer, traction control, etc. The car has a 2.3 liter inline 5-cylinder turbocharged engine and produced 236hp/243 ft. lbs. torque from the factory. The copper color found on the car for sale is known as Saffron Metallic and was extremely rare for the North American market. Only 135 +/- C70's were sold in the US ever. Of the 135 less than half were equipped with a manual transmission. It took me several months to find mine and I jumped on it as soon as I ran across it online.


The exterior of the vehicle is in very good condition for its age. The saffron metallic paint looks great and has held up very well. I have had some paintwork done since owning. This includes the front bumper(which is new and from a V70r), rear bumper(for scratches), and hood(rock chips), Everything matches extremely well and other than a few door dings and very small scratches the paint really shines.


The car came from the factory with the tan soft leather option. I really wanted a charcoal interior and finally I found a wrecked C70 donor car. I swapped everything over to black(seats, door panels, side panels, carpets, seatbelts, dash, etc). also still have the original tan interior as well as a set of custom brackets to mount a set of Sparco seats. The brackets alone cost me $500. The condition of the interior is in good shape overall. There is a small crack at the top of the dashboard where it meets the windshield. There also are a few scratches on the door panels from regular use. The stereo system is all Dynaudio with 3-way components in the doors, a center channel speaker, two-way components in the rear as well as two additional 8-inch woofers. The stereo sounds great, especially for a factory system.


This is where I have focused a majority of my money and time since owning. First, the car is a 5-spd manual which is very hard to find. The car is also an HPT with the higher output 2.3liter engine. I will do a complete breakdown of parts below but the entire engine assembly has been rebuilt with forged internals and has less than 4000 miles. This includes the clutch as well. The car runs great with no leaks, noises, etc. The car currently has a stock turbo(16t) on it as well as a stock downpipe.


The car is currently sitting on a brand new set of KW Variant 2 coilovers. I replaced the spring seats as well as swaybar links when installing. They currently have less than 3000 miles on them and the ride is great.


The brakes include brand new pads all the way around as well as a 302mm front brake rotor conversion(from 280mm stockers). In addition I can include a Stoptech front big brake kit and a rear big brake kit from the Volvo S60R(Brembo calipers, larger rotors, brackets, pads).


I have two sets of wheels to go with the car. The first set are custom finished Iforged Aero's. The fronts are 19x8.5 with 235/35/19 tires. Rears are 19x10 with 265/30/19 tires. I didn't like the regular silver finish so I had the centers and barrels powdercoated satin black with a polished lip. Front tires are brand new with zero miles, rear are from another set of wheels I had and currently are at 70%. The second set of wheels are 19" Moda R6's with Kumho 225/35/19's on the front and 245/35/19's on the rear. The front tires are at 90%. Rears have 70+% tread left.


I decided to list all of the modifications separately. As can be seen I have invested a good amount of money on the vehicle.


SPM forged connecting rods-$850

Venolia forged pistons-$850

New bearings-$140

Custom Inconel exhaust valves- $370

Custom Stainless intake valves-$260

3 angle competition valve job-$220

Ported cylinder head-$250

Ported N/A intake manifold-$150

Ported turbo manifold-$85

New intake valve guides-$120

balancing of rotating assembly-$145

resurfacing of cylinder head-$65

N/A throttle body(larger)-$100

EST Reverse intercooler kit-$370

Samco radiator hoses-$100

Newer 16t turbocharger-$250

Custom Southbend stage 4 clutch-$550

Carbon Fiber spark plug cover-$125

Carbon Fiber throttle body cover-$110

IPD/TME 2.5" mandrel bent cat-back exhaust-$699

Brand new Optima Red Top battery-$160

I also spent approximately $1100 on a new radiator, engine mounts, belts, etc. All replacement pieces were OEM volvo

additional labor-$1000+


V70r front bumper conversion-$300

Molded radicast headlight wiper plugs-$40 plus labor

VST Carbon Fiber front lip-$270

OEM sidemarkers-$40

New OEM windshield(had a small crack from a rock)-$500

OEM '03+ Jewel headlights/turn signals-$700

IPD mesh grille-custom painted-$150

XC grille-$100

OEM V70 foglight conversion-$130

6k HID headlights-$180

Misc. paintwork(bumpers, hood, molding)-$1200


KW Variant II coilovers-$1700

New end links/spring seats-$100

Also including a set of uninstalled heavy duty endlinks-$100


19" Iforged Aero wheels/tires-$4000

19" Moda R6 wheels/tires-$1600

Total Modifications: $19,179

This is not including the cost of the vehicle itself or any maintenance before the rebuild. Im sure im probably forgetting some items as well.

I love the vehicle and it continues to turn heads, I just do not have the time or space to continue. I have now focused a majority of my time and money on my NSX so the Volvo just isn't needed. At this point I have replaced a majority of the parts on the vehicle. This would make an extremely solid driver as is or you could upgrade a few components(turbo, injectors, software) and have a true monster.

Again, im sure I have left a few things out here so I encourage questions and will respond as promptly as possible. I am looking for $14,000 obo with everything included. I originally was asking $12,500 but this was without the Iforged wheels, exhaust, and misc. other parts.I paid $12,500 for the car with 94,459 miles on it. This car sold for 46k new in 1998. The odometer is currently sitting at 107k but as stated above just about everything has been replaced. I have all receipts as well as receipts from the previous owner. I feel the price is fair given the rarity and amount of time and money put into it.

The car is located in Portsmouth, NH and I would be happy to show it to any interested parties. I'm also in Philadelphia on a regular basis and I would be more than willing to bring it down for a potential buyer.

Also would be interested in partial/full trade for NSX parts(Turbo/Supercharger kit, wheels, etc).

(note: pics with the Iforged wheels will be added this week)