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Lud, can you rescan two pages of the service manual?

11 April 2001
Near Houston, TX
Hi, Lud,
How are you?
Can you rescan pg 23-235 and 23-236 of the electrical section of the 91 Service manual, please?
Those pages currently don't exist in the PDF file- it just skips from 234 to 237.
Those pages are for the antenna mast installation.
I just got the antenna mast today from AH Motorsports: $57 + $8.50 shipping(I also ordered the Smartenna from Dali Racing: $55 + $4 shipping + 3% PayPal fee).
I checked NSXSC, but their electrical section of the manual isn't even online.
Thanks for your help! -Thomas

94 Brooklands Green Pearl NSX
# 157
I didn't scan it, I just posted it. Marc W. scanned it - I'm e-mailing him to see how hard it will be to get them added. In the meantime I'll scan those pages out of my manual and post them for you sometime this weekend.
Ill get the missing pages scanned off my '93 manual into Acrobat. Lud- Ill need an FTP account to upload the whole file (140 MB or so) on Mon when I get all put back together