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MA/NH/ME Caravan to Lime Rock - 7/12

5 June 2006
Metrowest, MA
Hi All-

Wondering if there are others who want to get a caravan together to head down to Lime Rock again this year. If so, please post where you'd be interested in joining the crew and we'll schedule some centralized meeting points accordingly.

1. Liquid - Mass Pike - Westborough service plaza (just West of 495 interchange).
Well then! I guess I'll be caravaning with the Porsche guys. :eek:
I can meet up with you at the Charlton rest area on the Pike. It won't be a big caravan but it's better than going with the Porsche guys. :biggrin:
Sure thing, let's meet up at Charlton at 7AM... that seem about right?
Hey Guys,

I'll be coming down from central New Hampshire and was planning to take 93>495>290>Mass Pike.

Where is the Charlton rest area in relation to that route?

It's on the way. West on the Pike from the 290/90 interchange.

If we meet in Charlton at 7:00, what time will that put us at the track?

Sounds good!

I'll give you a call tonight and plan to meet you folks in Charlton at 7:00 am.

Too late to call but I'll meet you folks at 7:00.

Have a great night!