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Marin County NSX shop

11 October 2007
San Francisco Bay Area
Hi - new owner here. Does anyone have a recommendation for a shop knowledgeable on these cars ? I'm not impressed with the Acura dealer in Corte Madera.

Seems that most people in the area agree with Bob. I haven't been there as yet, but when I need some service, I'll go there.
Don +1:smile:

I got my car from Marin Acura .... you want to feel un-welcomed ... go there
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Hey Don - when did you get your car ? I test drove a silver NSX at Marin Acura a few years back, might have been yours.

I had them do the 'once over' on my '95 after I bought it. That's my only service experience and it wasn't great. Looking for others, I may try the Daly City place.

I got my car nov 2003
Another place is Marin Auto Works on Miller Avenue in Mill Valley. One of the owners, Marcel owns a '93 NSX himself. His dad, Pierre has an authentic MB 300SL Gullwing...
Hi.. I'm in Belvedere... I know Marcel, he's had his black 91 for a long time.

FYI for things I can't do myself I go to Don Lam.

Private me if you want more info. I've had my '91 for over 15 years.
I'm in Mill Valley, but I go to an old school Japanese mechanic in SF, Fukuda Auto Service on Post st. Best part is his hourly rate is only 80/hr, and he's the only one to work on your car ever.