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Misc NSX items

20 November 2003
Petersham, MA.
I sold my NSX and forgot I had these items in storage. If you are interested in any one or more of them, please contact me via email, as I don't check this site regularly ([email protected]). PayPal payment only. Thanks.

1. Custom Form-fit indoor car cover for NA-1. It is red with a faded-look shading at both the front and back ends. It has a soft flannel-like material on the inside and a soft nylon-like material on the outside. It has mirror pockets and a sewn-in elastic along the bottom edge. It is in excellent condition and a must for anyone that stores their car inside. It cost me $450 new. Price is $200, plus shipping SOLD

2. Custom Colgan car bra for NA-1. One piece unit with soft felt-like material inside and heavy-duty vinyl material on the outside. It has openings for the pop-up headlights and other necessary openings. Easy to attach and remove. It is in excellent condition. Price $100, plus shipping SOLD

3. Sheepskin seat covers (center-section of seats) for NA-1. These were an NSX labelled accessory item and are extremely well-made of thick wool and fit the seats centers perfectly. They are in excellent condition, as I only used them twice on long trips to AZ and FL... a must for long road trips, very comfortable. Price $120, plus shipping SOLD



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Thanks Prime users for 25+ years of support and fun. I enjoyed every minute of it.

Thanks all. If I find any more parts I'll post them up. And, thanks NSX Prime for 25 years of support and fun... I enjoyed every minute of it. :)