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Mita Exhaust

11 September 2022
I've been looking for an exhaust with a lower tone and i really like the JGTC exhaust, but its pretty hard to find. I found the Mita exhaust and from the 2 videos there are it sounds pretty good and has a ncie tone, but I dont know anything about them or if the exhaust drones or sounds good in person. Does anyone know if its a good exhaust and what it actually sounds like without background music.
Mita exhaust is so damn good. easily the best exhaust ive heard on an NSX...and im picky
Saclam have several versions of the NSX Exhaust... SPEC A, SPEC A2, SPEC B and SPEC C....

Anyone know what the differences are?

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You won't get any power benefits from these exhausts. We dynotested them with the OEM exhaust and you'll be losing power.

The differences are just tone but still sound very raspy actually. We have a dynotest on Youtube with the Spec A. Unless you modfiy your catalyzers and use their headers, you're just wasting money.