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Monthly SGV NSX Meet - Thursday, December 19th, 2019

18 February 2004
- Monthly SGV NSX Meet -

Just like that, 2019 makes way for 2020.

This is the last SGV meet of the year!

It's that time again to take your car our of hiding!

Come out, hang out, chill, and chat!

When: Thurs. 12/19/19 - Time: 7:30PM - ?
Where: AU79 Tea House 815 West Naomi Avenue Arcadia, CA 91007
: The SGV Meet is a monthly gathering of NSX's and another excuse to drive. Grab some tea, boba, coffee, or even something to eat; and spend the evening talking shop.

The meet will be held at AU79 Tea House in Arcadia.

Although we have not had any problems in the past, the typical considerations should be mentioned. Please be respectful of businesses, customers and neighboring homes by not revving, doing burnouts, or anything that may be considered a nuisance.

See you there!
[MENTION=36036]Kreationz78[/MENTION], sorry, I just saw this. It depends on the crowd, but typically 11pm-12am-ish.