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Mosport Lapping Event/Performance School

13 April 2006
Kensai Racing

Mosport Lapping day Tuesday July 1st, 2008.

Performance School by Aaron Povoledo.

Read below for full details.

The structure is simple, an Intermediate Group and an Advance Group. We are limited to 30 per groups. Each group in on track alternatively for 25 minutes. There is a 5 minutes separation between groups for vehicles recovery. Passing Signals are mandatory for all groups. Pass Zones for Intermediate are front straight, back straight and between corner 3 and 4. Passing is allow anywhere in the Advance Group. When passing signals are given and respected, passing in a corner can be done safely.

$300 pre registered
$350 at the gate
Performance Driving school additional $175 (mandatory for 1st time drivers to Mosport or Kensai Lapping programs)

For the past 6 years the Kensai Racing, partnered with Aaron Povoledo have hosted lapping events at Mosport International Raceway.

Drawing on the vast experience of Povoledo’s professional racing and race coaching background, as well as Kensai’s engineering and set up knowledge, they have teamed up to bring the Mosport lapping day experience to a new level.

Starting this May they will offer a complete driver coaching and car tuning consultancy service which will include:

Brief Classroom covering - corner theory, vehicle dynamics – weight transfer.
Track tour, with detailed racing line explanation.
Low speed lead follow exercise to learn line and review balance basics.
Corner spotting for each session (Povoledo will watch from each corner to make notes on each driver)
Detailed debriefing after each session with goal setting to do list for the next session.
Vehicle testing / set up work. Povoledo will be available to test customer cars, and together with Kensai Racing expertise, advise on set up changes to enhance your cars performance.
Cost $175.00
Day to start 1 hour early, 7:30am.
Students must register 24 hours min - before the day of the event.

For registration or more info about the performance school, please email me at [email protected] or call me at 905-470-9000.
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