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MSR Houston: “A done deal”

13 February 2000
Austin, Texas
Just announced today, MSR Houston...
... is a done deal. We have finally closed on the land that will be the long awaited MotorSport Ranch, for the Houston and the South Texas Region. The property is 381 acres located on County Road 48, just east of Hwy 288, 35 miles south of downtown Houston.

Our current track design features over two and quarter miles of track. It is easily divided into a short and long track . Two pit road areas and the ability to run the tracks in both directions makes for a very versatile environment in which to have fun. We have a rendering on this website.

We will start moving dirt within days and if everything goes well, we will have cars on track in early fall... (read the rest here)
It looks like it will be located around here. Let’s see: That’s TWS, MSR-Fort Worth, and MSR-Houston all within 200 miles of Austin!


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hmmm... This is absolutely fabulous! I now know where I wanna have my birthday... :cool:

Always good to have another track in Texas. My parents live 45 miles away. This should be awesome.
OFF TOPIC- but if anybody in Houston is interested.

There is a The Driver's Edge event at TWS Apr 30th wknd. I won't be at the one next weekend, but there is TWS Motorsports event the May 7th wknd which I will make to. You Houstonities are more than welcome to drop by. If i am allowed, I can give u guys a ride in my NSX :wink: