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Mugen Roll Bar

7 July 2012
Kelowna BC
Ok, so I have been approached buy a few guys already wanting my Mugen roll bar. Its functional as it ads chassis stiffening, provides rollover protection, and has the slots/guides for a harness but most of all it just looks bad a**! This was made in the mid 90's for the Mugen track cars but I have only every seen one (aside from mine) out in the public and it sold a few years ago on Prime for $2600. There is no way I'll part with mine but if you guys are interested I will start a vendor page and do a group buy. I will get my bar replicated EXACTALLY down to the same chromoly steel used and no expense will be spared in the production of the bars. They will be available in unfinished steel, or powdercoated for an additional charge. (mine is powdercoated to match sebring silver, looks amazing). It will come with neccessary mounting hardware. Please note your power seats will not go to full back position as you lose some space. I am 5'11 and still have about 1.5" between the back of the seat and the bar, comfortably. The photo shows how my seat is positioned when Im driving. Can be used with stock seatbelts.
Please reply to this to see how much interest we have in this project and that will help determine the price but most likely will come in well under 2600. I'm thinking 2000-2400 but it largely depends on how many are purchased and the production costs which is not finalized yet. The project will be slated for mid to late october. This will be the only run for at least a year.


Im having a heck of a time uploading photos because I am computer illiterate, can someone please pm me your email addy so I can email a couple of photos that you can upload for me ? - thanks a bunch.
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