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My new NSX and friends

23 October 2000
Saint Augustine, FL
Here are a couple of pix of my new NSX.

The Ferrari is a friend here (1977 308), and the yellow NSX is DRUBY here on prime.






Congrats, I see you've now joined the FORCE!

How much did you get it for, and was it from a prime member?

Did you sell your white NSX?

Let me know if you're going to sell the Techno's, I'm looking for a set.
Ditto...what Veleno said. Is that Andy V's old car? Looks good.
Congrats on the new NSX. She looks great!

I am looking forward to your summary on the supercharger and how it performs against the competition. :biggrin:
jaytip nsx said:
have you opened it up yet?having gone from NA to s/charged how much real world difference is there?

I opended it up a couple of times. Very large difference between stock and this 12lbs BBSC. It flies. Of course, I have not driven a NA NSX with short gears and 4.55 R&P, which will also make a difference. Nonetheless, this car is very quick. It is hard to really open it up on the public streets without being worried about police. I hope to have it to the track in the next few months.
spartan2-3 said:
I always thought you were a big fan of the "CSC" as you often spoke highly of it :confused:

Ohh well, a SC is a SC :cool:

I am. I still think the CTSC is a great setup. I just knew this car was done right and I would love it. It certainly does feel a lot different than the CTSC though.
Congratulations Davieboy! I'm estatic for you. But don't be pissed when the NA cars still pass on the track. ;) Seriously, I'm happy for you.
Ponyboy said:
Congratulations Davieboy! I'm estatic for you. But don't be pissed when the NA cars still pass on the track. ;) Seriously, I'm happy for you.

No question that I was not able to drive the stock NSX to its potential. Probably 75%. I will probably be closer to 65% of this cars potential. I need to head out to Skip Barber Racing School. :)

hmmm... For the record, NetViper/Dave & I have come to the agreement that I am FIRST in line for the Brembo's & other goodies if/when he needs bail-money or funds for other nefarious reasons! :tongue:

BTW, I think a sound-clips of BBSC & CTSC @ low RPMS, WOT, and VTEC would be kuhl, ja!!!
I will try and take some video with my digital camera and post it. With the roof off, it sounds MEAN.
Wow congrats on the new baby !! better in red.
:biggrin: As one that was allowed to take a ride in the new car I can say it is much faster than anything I've driven. Once I got my head back to stop the whiplash from Dave's acceleration and pried my white nuckles from the door while he was racing a motorcycle that dared pass us on the expressway I had a good time. We were just lucky the policeman on the overpass had the radar pointing in the wrong direction. I really need netviper/dave at Roebling with me the end of the month after his comments about slow Porsches from Prime was published in the local Porsche club newsletter. It looks like me and my automatic will be the only NSX at Roebling and I'll probably get some major abuse. Hopefully we will go to Road Atlanta later this summer.
Looks great! Congrats on the new ride. By the way, how does your friend like his 308? My uncle had one and he HATED it. :biggrin:

The cars looks clean, and I am sure you will be satisfied with the bump in HP. :wink:
I am very glad to see Dave is happy with Saint - the "nickname" of my (ex) NSX. Car looks to be in good hands, especially next to a yellow NSX and a very clean Ferrari.

Yes, the car will haul buttocks and the Brembos will bring him safely back to Earth. Many many many hours (Dave can tell you about the computer logs) went into making the fuel map and the timing map, both prefect.

Enjoy Dave, and give the SE guys hell on the track. :smile: