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My retractable front license plate bracket video

thank you everyone! picked up a non-motorized one!

where i live front plates are mandatory so i figure that most of the time itll be up; and if i ever want to take photos/videos of the car i can easily just push the plate down.

i went for the non-motorized one as i figured it would be one less thing to worry about breaking in the future.

Yes, myw said he would like to have a non motorized one so we were just pointing him in the right direction.

Seeing this thread just reminded me that I need a front plate also. I just bought my first NSX and it's in transit from Cali as we speak. Just ordered the bracket from eBay and should get here right around the time my car gets here. Hope I can install it because I need to get the inspection. I'm not very handy so the simpler the better! Thanks again guys...you've saved the day again!