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my weekend toy (pics included)

17 September 2005
Garden of England
hi, as requested by our illustrious host here, here's some pics of my hot rod weekend toy (well weekday too, while i'm sorting the AT tranny issues on my NSX)

the basic lowdown is this...

1937 english ford model Y tudor sedan
3.5litre (213 ci) all aluminuim Rover V8 (ok, small by US standards!)
high compression, fast road cam, big valve heads, quad dellorto carbs. ok i could get more power from a sbc but with a big weight disadvantage!

3 speed auto
vauxhall front suspension
jaguar XJ series IRS (narrowed of course)

fat anti-roll bars front and rear so corners as well as it goes straight! geared for cruising, tho has managed a 14.2 quarter. could be quicker but there's too much creature comforts inside!

i've owned it since 1992, and it's evolved over the years! hopefully each time for the better!
anyway to the pics....




a bit more of the engine

i'm running megajolt ignition, so dont need the dizzy for ignition, but need it to drive the oil pump...
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and a quick pic of it beside a model40 ford, just to give you an idea of the size of the english version... (the screen on mine is only 3 feet wide and the bulkhead narrows toward the floor! hence automatic, not room for 3 pedals!)

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Very nice!

I've been debating building a street rod for several years now... maybe I should just pick a car and do it.

How about a '32 Ford 5-window with a blown small block Chevy.... or a VW beetle with a small block Ford in the back seat.... decisions, decisions.
thanks, had it 20 years now (!) and done everything myself.... built the engine, applied the paint, even retrimmed the seats!