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NC1 Key programming

11 February 2024
How are the key remotes programmed on a NC1? I've lost my key 1 and need to get a new one programmed. Is it only the dealer, or can a scan tool do the programming?
I believe that a locksmith scan tool will allow programming of a new NSX key Fob in addition to the dealer. With the first gen NSX you could program a third key yourself. You can find a new un-programmed key fob for the 2017-2022 NSX for around $100 on eBay. You will need to have a dealer program to your car.
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I have a replacement key, but just need it programmed. I know there are scan tools that can do it for most cars via a hookup to the OBD and an original present. I was just wondering if anyone had made an extra key as my #1 is missing.
I was looking into which devices one can buy that will program your key. Thus far there seems to be two tiers. I believe our keys require a more sophisticated device that probably locksmiths have access to that are not advertised. Makes sense to just take your keys and car to a Acura dealer and have them programmed.