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My new NC1 :D

@Driver's Therapy

Very cool and welcome to the NC1 club! I've watched and enjoyed your YouTube content in the past, looking forward to your next journey with this platform. These cars are incredible!
Lol welcome! to our prime channel
How does it compare to the 12c? 😬
I plan to do a video on that but just over the short time I have owned the NC1. They are completely different, and I am happy about that because I was worried, they might overlap. The NC1 is refined, the steering and brakes are amazing. I know they are "Bluetooth", but they feel great. Better than the 12C. The sounds also goes to the NC1. I plan to add aftermarket air filters to the 12C and see if that balances it out.

The 12C's acceleration is like NOTHING I have ever experienced. Just a month ago, I gapped a new C8 by a bus. The speed and feel you get in the 12C is just like a roller coaster and it is amazing. A true super car feel. The interior is also very roomy and the Italian leather smell, makes you melt. You also get women who talk to over the car, everyone stops, and the status of a McLaren is evident. You get mad props.

But the NSX transmission is way better. A million times better. The 12C feels and is actually faster and put a huge grin on my face which makes it worth every penny, but I would take the NSX to the track and have way more fun where I would fear for my own safety with the 12C.

So, they differ, and I love that. If I want to feel speed and feel like you are in a supercar that everyone around you thinks you are a bad ass, I jump in the 12C. I think the NSX looks slightly more exotic to be honest and gets more props, but people will always be confused what it is. I LOVE the NSX NC1 look. Gorgeous design. The NSX feels like a car I can take to the track, drive across the country, around town, and it looks mind blowing. It is mature. The 12C is a wild hot chick at Vegas if that makes sense. Fun, wild, the attention, everyone wants to look, it's crazy, scary, and can be high maintenance. And the way they built them makes sense, the Brits are crazy, and the Japanese are more reserved. That is why McLaren used Hondas engines in F1 in the 90s.