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Need advise on Bilstein HD Shock

25 June 2012
Sugar Land, TX
I have read the wiki and did search; I draw conclusion that Bilstein HD shock for NA1 and NA2 are exactly the same. Can I get confirmation for this conclusion ? I may missed something very basic.

So, in short : can I used Bilstein HD shock for NA1 in my NA2 (03 NSX) ?

Please advise.
i believe so as coilovers for nsx is all the same 91-05, thats how its sold
why do you need shocks on a 03 already lol? how many miles you have on the 03
Look into BC Racing coilovers if you want a good set of coilovers for a great price. It will be better than the Bilsteins most likely if your goal is lowering.