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New Acura NSX lower timing belt cover and grommet - No Longer Available

19 July 2013
New Acura NSX lower timing belt cover and grommet

Acura NSX lower timing belt cover (part #11810-PR7-A02; list price $219.42) and the grommet for the cover (part #11816-PR7-000; list price $7.93). Sure, online Acura dealers sell these parts for a hefty discount off of list price, but I'm asking much less than they do.

Per the Prime wiki, when you replace the timing belt in your 1991-1996 NSX, the original cover won't work as the water pump's weep hole has been moved. This is the updated 1997-2005 lower timing belt cover and grommet (not the gasket that goes between the belt cover and block). It will fit all years of NSXs.

I bought these parts when to changing my timing belt on my '95, not knowing that the PO had already replaced the cover with the updated version. The bag that the cover came in has been opened, but neither part has been used.

Selling for $100 obo shipped 3-day USPS Priority Mail in the U.S. If you have any questions feel free to ask.

List Date: 4/8/2014

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This item is no longer available.


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