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New Go Kart Place in Livermore

Huh? When did this place open? I lived in Livermore from 2001-2006 and never knew about this place. Dang, I could have been cart racing just miles from home all along?
Awesome -- the place takes kids as young as 10. I know where my daughter and I are hanging out next year :biggrin:.
Sweet find Ryan. What took you so long to post it?

OK who is going to organize the first event here?
Oh snap. Sweet find.. Please post if there will be a group thing. I'm going to try this track maybe next week if I'm not too busy.

They don't have it yet, but I hope they'll have "all you can drive" in the future on one of the weekdays just like Lemans or speedring (they closed down though). I could kart before I go to work. :biggrin: