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New High Quality Wheels & Tires for Acura NSX

16 March 2015
New High Quality Wheels & Tires for Acura NSX

These wheels were purchased in late 2013 for my personal 1996 Acura NSX prior to the recent sale of the vehicle. The tires and wheels have a total of 213 miles prior to being removed from the vehicle (the NSX was sold with the stock wheels / tires). Specifically, the wheels consist of the following:

- (2) Enkei Tenjin Tuning Wheels (Finished in gunmetal with machined / polished lips) 17" x 9" (Rear) with mounted 255/40R17" Yokohama S Drive Tires

- (2) Enkei Tenjin Tuning Wheels (Finished in gunmetal with machined / polished lips) 17" x 8" (Front) with mounted 215/40R17" Yokohama S Drive Tires

Note: Larger rear tire size is proper for later model NSK vehicles as is the staggered width from front to rear.

These tires were professionally mounted and balanced and NOT used for high performance driving during the few hundred miles they were on the NSX. The wheels and tires are literally like new with NO wheel imperfections, scrapes or damage of any kind. There is not even brake dust on the back sides of the wheels! A custom made "NSX" logo covers the stock center ring and can be removed if so desired to reveal the Enkei Tenjin logo. This wheel / tire package falls under the category of "No Surprises" and they are being sold only as a result of our no longer owning the NSX.

The gunmetal spokes and polished alloy wheel lip is striking on any vehicle but especially attractive (in our humble opinion) on a black, white or black car. We have included a few photos of the wheels and tires mounted on the car so that you can get a feel of what they will look like on your NSK (excuse the dust on the tires in some of the photos).
From Enkei's advertising. . .

The Enkei Tenjin was introduced in 2013 and is the latest addition to the Enkei lightweight tuning line. In keeping with Enkei's design philosophy, the Tenjin exhibits 9 spokes carefully designed to achieve ultra-high rigidity while maintaining low weight, all the while remaining stylish. The Tenjin's spokes go on to link an aggressive center area with a polished lip. The Tenjin's design cues allow it to be at home on street just as much as on the race track thanks to its MAT technology, allowing for a much lighter and stronger wheel than one cast by traditional methods.

Pick-up is encouraged with no charge for handling. OUR QUOTED SHIPPING DOES INCLUDE INSURANCE.

Please feel free to call with any questions (925-846-1451) regarding the wheels.

Thank you,


List Date: 3/16/2015

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On Sale For: $900.00