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New Hope Auto Show 2008

27 January 2004
Doylestown area, Pa.
Hi All,
This year the NSX will be allowed to show on Sunday, August 10,
in the Special Sports Car Class. Information can be had on the website,
www.newhopeautoshow.com Pre-registration no later than August 1st.
Gates open at 9:00am for spectators.
This is a 2 day show and the website explains which cars will be showing Saturday or Sunday.
We will be showing on Sunday and The Don also hopes to attend.
Come and join the fun....hope to see you there!:smile:
SO, you and theDON is showing at this event ? it sounds like fun, not sure if I can make it. What do you think my chances are if I bring my other NSX , under 4,000 miles completely stock is absolutely mint condition.
Chuck is definitely showing, Don is toying with the idea of playing with the big boys. I can't see why you couldn't show your new baby, but Chuck is the guy to talk to.
The biggest thing with this type of Auto Show is to have the car CLEAN, CLEAN, CLEAN inside, outside and underneath. With your brand new car it shouldn't be too hard to make it perfect! Make sure to have your money in on time...August 1st! It's a great show and always a fun day.
Go for it!:smile:
At the River Run, Bill G mentioned that he heard that cars must be bone stock. True?
These judges aren't going to know what's stock or not as long as it doesn't have "lambo" doors, sushi bar spoilers, and purple seats.

The venue is on macadam at the New Hope High School on Rt 202 three blocks from the Lambertville bridge.

Even if you don't want to participate it's a great show and includes some National class winners.
There is no NSX in the Foreign Exotic category! Do you just show up? Or is this a write in campaign?


There is no NSX in the Foreign Exotic category! Do you just show up? Or is this a write in campaign?

They've designated class Speciality Class Cars which includes, Facel Vega, Lancia, Bugatti, Lotus etc. If there is an adequate showing maybe they'll place the NSX where it belongs.