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New Juiced PC Game Demo (Features NSX)

2 October 2001
The makers of the soon-to-be-released riceboy game <B>JUICED</B> have put out a proper game demo. So while Prime was down I gave it a go.

The last demo was a pre-release, and was very poor - hard to control and really crap compared to Need for Speed Underground. Since then they've finished it -- it's a lot easier to drive and it looks like it could be a lot of fun. The graphics are still average but you dont notice it at high speeds. It has some nice effects like booing from the crowds when you drive dirty. :rolleyes:

In this demo you start off with a GTR and you race against a Supra. Whether you win or lose, you go to the garage where you can repair your ride if you pranged it :rolleyes: (Yes, it has a damage model) and MOD YOUR CAR WITH <B>REAL</B> MODS. Everything from the usual spoilers and rims to customized paint jobs and lowering.

In the 2nd race, you go up against a Vette, some other car and a <B>440hp Acura NSX!!!</B> Check out my screenshot. Unfortunately you can't drive the NSX in this demo, but it's fun being able to try and keep up with it. It 0wned me every round... which is ok; i dont mind looking at the back of an NSX. ;)

While Juiced doesn't look like it will be a GT4-killer or as popular as NFS:Underground, it is on PC, it does have the whole Honda family, and itcertainly has BLING! :D :D :D

You can try out the demo yourself here:
<B> http://www.3dgamers.com/dlselect/games/juiced/setupjuiceddemo.exe.html 300MBytes</B>


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Ah. I love the search funktion. Searched a PC game with NSX included.

Tonight I dreamed I bought my NSX and drove it home. Street was empty everything perfect and then i woke up. :frown:

Lets go for a virtual ride.
thanks for reving this thread. i finally got to play the full version of juiced with a mate of mine last week. we played a little multiplayer. the scumbag picked every class but A class so i couldn't pick the NSX. :p Eventually he did, and I took him on in a near-black stock NSX and he drove a ford focus. I was doing AWESOME until the 1st corner... ummm....... anyway it doesn't matter who won. :D I enjoyed driving the nsx virtually - except when i'd hit the dirt or a wall.. oh man... the anguish! And everytime he deliberately tried to ram my NSX, i felt like punching him. :D j/k

Sadly Juiced is just average - it's rough around the edges... the controls are significantly better than the demo, but they are still bad. If one thing kills the game for me its the controls. Also the realism isnt there - the NSX doesn't even sound like an NSX nor have 8000RPM - all the cars are the same. Theres no tachometer, and when using an auto you'll be in top gear in under 10secs. Bit confusing why they claimed 'realism' but made these details so arcade-ish. :(

Still it has a small limited amount of multiplayer potential. Otherwise, Juiced is disappointing.

Here's some reviews. Very average scores:
http://www.gamershell.com/pc/juiced/review.html - 7/10
http://www.gamespot.com/pc/driving/juiced/review.html - 6.1/10
http://pc.ign.com/articles/624/624535p1.html - 6/10
http://pc.gamespy.com/pc/juiced/629357p1.html - 3/5 stars

ps. The huge wings availabe for the NSX in multiplayer mode were crap. i dont think even a civic ricer would use them... aweful! :(
Just stick with forza, that game is great.
The best racing games for different platforms IMO.
PC: Live for Speed
PS2: Gt4
Xbox: Forza
vtecNSX1 said:
The best racing games for different platforms IMO.
PC: Live for Speed
PS2: Gt4
Xbox: Forza

But does live for speed feature the NSX? last i checked it didn't... therefore it can never be the "best" game on pc. :D