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new ScienceofSpeed "SpeedShift" NSX Type-S Style Shift Knob

19 January 2001
Chandler, AZ
The shift knob is something that's easy to overlook - however, we think it's a very important aspect of the NSX as it's one of the direct interfaces between the driver and the car.

The performance versions of the NSX in Japan - the NSX-R and Type-S - use heavy weighted and lowered shift knobs. The heavy weight of the knob allows a much more positive engagement than lighter knobs like the standard plastic & leather knob increasing shifting confidence. These shift knobs are great, but require you to change the gear selector and shift boot to accommodate the shift knob. We've offered our "tear drop" style shift knob for some time that has an integrated clip on the bottom to accommodate the standard leather shift boot with its chromed plastic retaining clip. This clip is required - otherwise the shift boot sags down. However, we've always felt the design and weight of the Type-S / Zanardi shift knob was superior. It's contoured profile and weight fits perfectly in your hand and makes each shift a pleasure.

We've designed the perfect synthesis of the two - the feel and weight of the Type-S shift knob with the function of the integrated clip feature. This shift knob is compatible with both the standard factory leather shift boot - which will clip into the bottom of the knob. It will also work with the Type-S / NSX-R mesh shift boots, which will secure over the top of the flange of the knob (hiding the clip). The knobs are designed with a deep countersunk threaded holes which allows the knob to thread very low even on standard gear levers.

We've been able to exactly match the factory Type-S finish as well using a grade of stainless steel that is then fine machined, micro bead blasted, and finally electro polished. The fine texture feels great in your hand and provides a very durable finish. In addition, we're offering a black Delrin version of the same shift knob. The Delrin plastic has a very hard finish, but is cool to the touch even after direct sunlight making it an ideal material for NSXes driven in hot climates.

We expect the shift knobs to be available shortly in the second week in January. Pricing will be determined shortly, however, we expect it to be in line or less expensive than our current Type-S replica:

take care,
-- Chris

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